January 14, 2022
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by Fakhiha Rameen

Leads are the lifeblood of B2B businesses, and without those leads, the business comes to a halt. 91% digital marketers say that their most important goal is lead generation. And the magic tool that makes lead generation easier and convenient is CRM! And if done right, you don’t have to worry about creating ads, or optimize and track them in your data. CRM does all of that for you! CRM advertising has made tracking leads and targeting the right prospects much easier.

So what exactly is CRM advertising?

CRM Advertising:

It is basically the data stored in the customers relationship management system that is collected through different channels like social media, emails etc. This data is used to strategize which targets to aim for and create relatable ads for the audience. CRM advertising allows you to reach customers on the digital channels they are present on the most, whether it be social media, emails etc. This adds a personal touch to marketing and advertising, making it more targeted and effective.

Why CRM advertising is important:

customers relationship management systems and digital marketing rely heavily on each other. They help streamlining the process of generating and acquiring new leads. Not only that, but they also help marketers handle customers services. If not for CRM, huge lead generation would not be possible.

Let’s look into what makes it helpful in reaching and managing prospects:

Multichannel marketing:

CRM is all about accurate data that is error free and efficient. Not only does it store customer’s purchase history, but their interests, behavior patterns and browsing patterns as well. It helps create personalized ads and launch better campaigns. Not only does this help increase more sales, but also builds and improves customers loyalty. When a customers feels like your brand understands their needs, they will come back for more. This ability of these systems to use multiple channels for collecting data and creating campaigns is a selling point! And that is why it’s a must have for every business!

Efficient Lead Management:

It’s time you stop using spreadsheets and other tools to track and manage your leads! CRM makes that so much easier and effective. It provides a much deeper understanding of the lead profiles, performs robust analysis, and segments prospects to identify quality leads. Companies that use customers relationship management systems for advertising generate more revenue than the ones that don’t!

Less Routine Tasks:

Handling mundane processes manually can be time consuming. More productive and important tasks can be performed by saving this time. Salespeople can focus on improving client relationships because CRM does all the work for them! This also makes the data collected more efficient, as well as error free.

Personalized Marketing:

How successful a brand is going to be depends heavily on the customers relationships. The marketing game nowadays isn’t only about scoring more clients, but to retain them for a long time. Brands create 80% more revenue with old customers than with new ones! CRM’s make building customers loyalty easier with personalized marketing and better customers service. CRM is a powerful tool for businesses who wish to break the barriers of traditional, outdated advertising. It makes social branding, targeting audience, tracking leads and managing customers relationships a breeze! If this is what your business needs, contact us today so we can help you get started on this journey.

5 Advantages of Working with a DatabeysCRM Consultant
Select the Correct Platform: Each business is unique. Additionally, each CRM is unique. A consultant expert will be knowledgeable about a variety of available products and can assist you in selecting the ideal one for your unique business requirements.
Save money: Without the proper direction, you risk being stuck with a software suite that doesn't meet your company's needs, paying more for things you don't require, or making crucial errors that expose your company to security risks.
Utilize Services More Effectively: Many companies wind up paying for features they never utilize. Or they apply them improperly. As a Databeys consulting partner, we will integrate your existing systems with your platform and make sure you get the most out of the platform.
Encourage Your Team: Employee adoption is essential for the success of any new system. For your team to successfully enroll and use your new platform, your Databeys CRM consultant will have put in place training protocols.
Enhance the Platform: After a CRM is online, a lot of work needs to be done. You can test, install, and optimize your new system with the assistance of databeys consultant.

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