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Have you ever observed that once you make an online purchase or register to a company, you get an email thanking you for the purchase or subscription, but is it the end of it? Definitely not! Regular emails follow it on different occasions addressing different concerns. Why is it so? What good does it do to any brand or business and how? And what kinds of emails do you need to send and to whom?

The email has become one of the most popular digital marketing platforms. It has become a common channel to generate and increase sales, make and retain customers, establish a brand, provide customer services, and more. It is such an integral part of promotional and marketing strategies that it is now called email marketing.

The Objective of Email Marketing:

It is a source of providing your customers one-on-one experience by sending them messages according to them. A unique customer journey is automatically designed for your customers, to make them feel seen and heard. Using the search, transaction, and purchase history of the customers, deign an email flow, to better target their needs. With an effective email marketing system, you just might realize the customers’ needs even before they do, and provide them with what they require without them demanding it.

What More than a “Thank You” Email?

Email marketing can be called an art as well as a science. You can’t expect to just type up an email of your choice and send it randomly. Rather, it requires serious consideration and care. It is a science in the respect that you need to develop a well-thought strategy about how to approach your customers, how frequently, and at what intervals. It is quite common for businesses to rush to send emails, without giving it a thorough thought and making detrimental emailing mistakes. Like everything in business, data analysis and logical reasoning are necessary for this too.

On the other hand, how is it an art, you ask? Design a smooth, smart, effective, and the not-so-overwhelming journey for your customers through effective email marketing. There should be a flow in your emails that makes the transition of your audience to becoming customers effortlessly. Moreover, the title and context of your email hold prime importance and should attract customers, without being too over the top.

Types of Emails:

Some of the email categories are:

  • Welcome Emails: When anyone registers with your company or makes any purchase, you must make them feel welcomed and important.
  • Promotional Emails: To announce your newest products and services, some discount you are offering, or any other aspect that might hold one’s interest is a must.
  • Reactive Emails: Additionally, notice a change in your customers’ interests and searches? Adapt accordingly and make sure that you convey to the customer that you can cater to their new needs.
  • Customer Care: You can’t be fast enough to respond to the complaints from customers. With an automated email system, reply to your customers 24/7 relieving them of any worry.
  • Follow-Up: Even after meeting or resolving the complaint, stay in contact. Ask for their opinion and hold surveys to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Informative Emails: Lastly, have a new update or upgrade to offer? Are your customers facing a common dilemma? If you have advice that will help customers make the best of your services, let them know through your emails.

Benefits of Effective Email Marketing:

A flow of balanced and quality emails in an adequate amount will make your brand memorable. With your professional email address popping up in the inbox, bringing in mails with catchy and effective titles, you are sure to leave an impression on your audience’s mind. The more emails you send, the greater the likelihood that they might be opened. Hence, by informing your customers about the discounts, promotions, offers, new arrivals, products, and services, you are ensuring customer retention and attracting new clients.

Not only do these favor the sales aspect of the business, but also the customer relationship, management, and services too. A personalized and targeted flow of emails, designed based on your customers’ behaviors and needs makes them feel seen, heard, and understood. All these emails will keep your customers engaged with your brand and company. It guarantees you their loyalty in return for your efforts.

Hopefully, now you see why Thank you is just not enough. Contact professionals like us to nail your email marketing.

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