A Dive into Email Marketing – How to write professional emails?

A Dive into Email Marketing – How to write professional emails?
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
April 13, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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When someone gets to know about your Ecommerce store or your brand, they would not suddenly start buying from you until and unless you get in touch with them. Familiarizing your brand with your customers is the first step. There are various platforms where you can launch (introduce) your brand to the audience. But if you want them to purchase from you and engage with your brand, you will need some captivating and catchy marketing campaigns. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to build up and foster relationships with your customers. It is without doubt that email marketing has come a long way in the past few years. Social media has gained influence, but it only helps promote your brand whereas emails are a way to stir up conversations and gain customers. Email Marketing is thus defined as a process of sending a series of emails in order to promote your brand, sell products and services, and craft a relationship with customers. Designing a strategic email marketing campaign means to develop and deploy a message that makes your business attractive and appealing to the recipients. But the question here is, how do we do that?

Recipe to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Well, there is no perfect answer to what makes a successful email marketing campaign but there are a good number of variables you should keep in mind while crafting your strategy. Combining most of these elements together along with keeping you motive in mind you are able to create a campaign that will work wonders for you. Following are some tips and tricks to put into consideration:

  • • Using a familiar “from” name

The “from” name is the senders name here. It pops up along with the text preview on the notification panel. So, if you want the recipient to open your mail, the sender's name should be something they would be familiar with. For instance, you should use your brand name as an email address or email domain instead of using your personal email address. This will further help your audience remember your brand name as well.

  • • Write an attention-grabbing subject line

After the name comes the subject line. It is mostly the first and the foremost element that catches the attention of the receivers. There is always some specific meaning or a reason you are sending an email to someone. Thus, it should be to the point, clear, headlined and yet catchy enough because it needs to do a lot of work at once. For instance, it needs to describe what the email is about, induce curiosity and it should be strong enough to make the subscribers click through the email.

  • • Adding the element of personalization

Customers long for personalization. They want to be known for the efforts they put into a business. Well, the easiest way to make your customers feel appreciated is to add some personalized touch whenever you are reaching out to them. You can use custom fields to make your emails personal. Typically, the custom fields show up like [First Name] and then automatically adds the first name of the contact through automation.

  • • Keep it simple

People receive a ton of business emails every day, so as an email marketer, the last thing you want to do is to bombard your subscribers with lengthy emails. This would eventually make them unsubscribe to you. The best way is to keep your emails minimal, yet catchy enough for the readers to go through it thoroughly. Provide a clear explanation of what you aim for in the email, try to restrict it to a few words, and stay away from jargon because everybody is not going to understand it.

  • • Always add a CTA (Call to Action)

Every digital marketing email will have a unique objective, but it's essential to specify what you want your readers to do after viewing it. Well, would you like them to click through to your most recent blog post? Visit your upcoming sale page? Respond and share their experiences with you? For all of these actions, you need to direct your customers towards a certain page by either adding a button or a referral link within your email. Here is where a CTA jumps in. A call to action (CTA) is a proposal that stirs up your prospects to take up the initiative to connect. It is mostly used in marketing campaigns to direct the customer pool towards the brand. A CTA needs to stand out in the email, and it needs to have some action words like “Sign Up”, “Subscribe” or “Read the Blog”. A simple and action-focused CTA encourages higher click-through rates.

  • • Keep track of your “sent” emails

Keep a count of the number of prospects who have opened the emails and the ones who have responded to emails once you have sent them out. It is crucial to measure your efforts, know their effectiveness. You should collect data and focus your efforts and resources effectively. And derive such a strategy that yields maximum outputs. Try sending different designs, adopt various styles and figure out the ones that generate most conversions and sales. By doing this you can have a deep understanding of what style to adopt and a clearer view of the language and the content that sells the most. Thus, helping you to decide what route is the best to follow.

Craft the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign with Databeys

Databeys CRM Consultants are experts in their field. From designing a sales funnel, helping you get the most out of your CRM to crafting email campaigns that yield great results, Databeys will be there across your journey. It may seem difficult but formulating an email strategy that produces high end results is not very tough. And with some help by your side, you can always ace email marketing. Databeys, with its highly experienced team on deck, will assist you in creating an email campaign that will work wonders for you.

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