A Guide to CRM Migration

A Guide to CRM Migration
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
March 2, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Azka Waqas

CRM Migration is more technical than transferring data from one software to another. But before we talk about it in detail, let me tell you what CRM is. So, Businesses have multiple types of information stored on their systems. It can range from information regarding the clients, stakeholders, customers, etc. to the most basic data like files that contain inventory records. There are systems that help store this vast amount of information. And a CRM system is one of them.

Redefining a CRM System

CRM is an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a set of tools, strategies, and technology that assists in managing customer relations for a business. A CRM helps a business to manage its relations with individual people such as customers, colleagues, service users, clients, prospects, etc. t assists you in all the phases of your interactions with them, from attracting new clients to winning their business to offering ongoing support and other services. It holds all the information regarding the business to manage all its external interactions. With visible and more organized data, decision-making is easier. All of it results in increased productivity and drives the business towards more growth.

CRM Migration

Now that you have known what Customer Relationship Management is, let's get to know about CRM Migration in detail. Most of the time, organizations implement a CRM system that is comparatively cost friendly for them. This is because, in the initial stages of a business, Customer Relationship Management with minimal features can get the job done which turns out to be pocket-friendly as well. But when the business expands, a more detailed CRM system is required to do the necessary working hence, making the organization opt for CRM migration and moving towards a new and better version CRM system.CRM Migration can be defined as the process of transferring business data from one platform to another. This can include the sale of a business, the merger of companies, or moving all your data to a new CRM system. Migrating your whole system is not a piece of cake. It involves risks and is a tricky process.  But the question here is that “Is it really necessary to implement a new system?” If yes then “Why?”

Is CRM Migration a necessity?

CRM migration is a monotonous process that requires just the right amount of time, effort, and attention. Here are some reasons why organizations think of migrating their CRM system:

  • With higher Maintenance Costs; they switch towards a cheaper option.
  • Limited Features; a diverse CRM is always a win.
  • Less Third-Party Integrations; provides more easy-to-use features.  
  • Unorganized Data; organized information saves more time.

Instead of implementing an entirely new CRM system, migrating to one is a lot better. Your previous customer details are an asset. Giving up on them would be a loss because your customers are the ones who help you drive your business.

CRM Migration Best Practices

Everyone requires a successful implementation of the new software. Well, you need to make sure that your data is transferred without a hitch. Following are some tips you should keep in mind while migrating your CRM:

  • • Do a Pre-Migration research

Before taking any decision and finalizing the new software, to which you want to migrate your data, initial market research is the most important step. Have a look at what CRM systems are popular in the market, which are cost-effective, and which ones offer more diverse features. Well, a new CRM platform is a massive investment so you need to be very sure of what CRM system you choose for your business.  Some basic features you should look for in a CRM are:

  • Automated Reminders
  • A User-Friendly Interface
  • Its Cost and Premium Features
  • Email Integration
  • An easy-to-use Chatbot
  • Sales Automation
  • Marketing Automation

Apart from these, more features that are a basic requirement for your business should also be present in the new system you are about to implement.

  • • Develop a Data Transfer Strategy

Before migration, you need to prepare your data for transfer which means you need to analyze and prepare it for transfer. A data quality assessment is an essential step. Let's consider an example when you move to a new apartment you dispose of the unnecessary items and only save the ones that hold importance.  The same is the case here, analyzing all the available data, keeping the crucial ones, and eliminating duplicate or spam entries is what you need to do. Make a checklist of all the information that is required and follow that to make your analysis hassle-free.  

  • • Introduce the Change; Familiarize Everyone

Even though implementation is a success, it will not work until and unless your team is used to it. A wiser approach is to prepare your team to accept the change by making them learn about the new system they are going to work on. Providing adequate training is the key. A short demo or a proper training session is what will make the stakeholders familiarized with the new software. Hence, you need to learn and grow together as an organization.

  • • Data Checking, Pre-CRM Migration, and Post-CRM Migration

Testing before migration is crucial because you are moving all of your organization’s system to a new and nearly unknown software. The best strategy is to try all the new tools on different types of data to ensure that they work just fine and are suitable for you of course. Make sure to have a backup of all the data before transferring it permanently. Well, once you have completed migrating your data, make sure to double-check the data you have transferred. Validate that your migration was a success and all the data falls in the right place. Finally, review the data for any duplicate entries and eliminate them. Then you are good to go.  Choosing the right CRM for your business is a difficult process, but if you go through the steps described above you can make a choice that is right for you. CRM migration can be scary but it is rewarding in the end. You just need to make sure you have done it properly without leaving out anything. Connect with Databeys CRM Consultants to help you get through your CRM Migration hassle-free.
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