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Zendesk is a CRM software that helps businesses to improve their customer relations. It brings satisfaction to customers, businesses, and the customer support teams. Zendesk is a platform that offers customization and offers ease to multiple businesses. Handling a large customer means a lot of repetitive tasks that are hectic in nature. Today, automation has become part and parcel of all processes to ensure efficiency. Similarly, task automation has become a common practice for customer satisfaction and support, especially for the repeated ones.

What is automation?

The process to automate manual and repetitive tasks is known as automation. It is to streamline processes, increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and ensure customer satisfaction. Automation isn’t the complete takeover by machines and technologies to replace humans. But rather, it assists the human customer support agents in providing better customer services. Automation helps to reduce workload and digitalize repetitive tasks so that the employees don’t get fatigued working on the same thing over and over again.

Perks of Task Automation:

It is bliss for all. Automation brings satisfaction to the customers, respite to the support team, and business to the company. For customer service, it has proved to be extremely beneficial as it enables instantaneous engagement of the customer. As soon as the customer logs in a complaint, a query, or any other action, it prompts a reaction. It assures the customer of his value and makes him feel seen. It calms down frustrated customers, solves problems for them, answers their queries, helps the tense ones, and brings joy to the ones who are new. All this helps a business retain customers and keep them satisfied.

When considering the customer support team, the tasks automation greatly reduces the repetitive workload. It assists the agents and saves their time. They can use their effort and time to promote sales and help generate more business. It further divides the workload evenly and according to the expertise of the customer services representatives. This facilitates the agents and decreases the strain on them. It will increase employee productivity, which brings in more sales for the company.

Tasks Automation with Zendesk:

Zendesk offers automation in a variety of ways, all of which are impressive and once you get to know them, seem quite necessary. Some of these include:


A human representative can’t be present round the clock to deal with the most trivial of matters. It is where the chatbots come in. Artificial Intelligence (AI)powered chatbots can deal with hundreds of customers at the same time. Most of the time customers face very small problems that can be dealt with through minimum guidance. For such cases only keywords generated automated replies can solve multiple customer queries. It is quite reasonable for the support team to get engaged when there are more complicated problems demanding their attention.

Here, the chatbots can simply interact with the customers. From the key phrases, it can detect the issue and guide the customer to the articles concerned or simply answer the queries with prerecorded messages. If the problem seems too big for the chatbots, it seamlessly transfers the customer to the customer support team along with complete conversation history. The takeover by the human representative is so smooth that at times the customers don’t even realize the difference and it is easy for the person to address the issue as he has the previous automated chat history with him.

Voice bots:

In calling systems, voice bots have been a game-changer. A customer, when contacting a company, can directly reach the department concerned without having to wait for an intermediator. It further leaves little room for error or misdirection. Furthermore, the call is directed to the agent with the minimum workload to ensure minimum waiting for the client. The information imparted to the customer regarding their turn helps them be patient and reduces their frustration. Most of the confirmation calls are totally voice bots based because they just need to address the clients and the confirmation is received in an easy manner.

Automated Data Handling:

The prime benefit is the automated storing, organizing, and retrieving of the concerned data. If a customer contacts, Zendesk’s tasks automation kicks in, and not only retrieves the previous customer history but also automatically updates it. It saves the agents from a lot of manual data entry and allows them to focus solely on the customer’s demand. The past data makes the customer support team more familiar with the customers, their needs, and their problems. It helps them to connect better and make the customer trust them. Customers have a great experience if they don’t have to repeat their concerns and make them feel that their concerns have been conveyed properly.

Automated Ticket Routing:

Whenever a complaint is lodged, a ticket is automatically generated for the same. Not only this but also the urgency and priority of the ticket are automatically determined. It helps with urgent matters to be solved first and then when it comes to the other tasks. Moreover, you can direct the tickets to the department concerned.

Task automation in this regard is so efficient that worrying about and keeping track of tickets is the last thing on the agents’ minds. The constant reminders after regular intervals ensure the closing of each ticket. Nothing goes unnoticed and all tickets are resolved.

Automated Email Responses:

When talking about customer services and interactions, emails can’t be taken for granted. With the fast-paced world and technology-driven customers, “Thank You” emails are not enough. Keeping in this view, the automation tasks regarding emails have been extremely facilitating. Be it welcoming a new customer, apologizing for an inconvenience, thanking for a purchase, prompting for some action, informing about a delay, all is taken care of. For any action, a customer performs, automatically generate an email response of your choice. It helps exponentially with customer satisfaction.

It is quite evident that task automation is your best friend if you want to keep your customer and customer support team happy because performing tasks manually is tiring and increases the risk of error. With Databeys CRM consultants automate your processes and boost your efficiency.


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