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Introducing Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software solution that enables businesses to automate their marketing and sales processes in order to increase efficiency and generate more leads.

It helps automate repetitive tasks that are usually time consuming. By automating these tasks, businesses can improve efficiency and accuracy while reducing the risk of human error.

Automation and CRM

CRM software enables to integrate of all marketing-to-sales processes via a workflow series that includes:

1. Sales automation such as automated sales email, personalized follow-ups, and using workflows to streamline your sales process.

2. Marketing automation tools like email marketing, social media management, ad postings, drip campaigns, etc.

3. Software bots including artificial intelligence chatbots for customer service automation.

Why do businesses require Marketing Automation. ?

Marketing is a vast field that includes various strategies and tactics to capture the customer pool, convert them into potential buyers and generate sales. Customers are targeted via different means and platforms. After the identification of the target market, the companies tend to make themselves remembered in the minds of their customers. This is done by ensuring their availability and sending continuous reminders in the form of emails, web notifications, ad campaigns, social media presence etc. All of these tasks, if performed manually, are tiring and drudgery and thus require automation. Moreover, engaging a large customer base all by yourself is a vague concept now.

Here, we introduce some marketing automation tools that help businesses to reach out to their customer base. CRM software is integrated to offer automation services for businesses to manage their customer relationships.

These tools and platforms allow companies to automate and streamline digital marketing tasks, including email marketing automation, social media campaigns, targeted ads, and more. By using these tools, businesses can free up time and resources that can be better spent on other tasks, such as product development or customer service. Additionally, by using data from previous interactions with customers, businesses can better target their marketing efforts and create more personalized experiences for their prospects and customers. As a result, businesses that use marketing automation solutions can improve their customer acquisition and retention rates, as well as their overall bottom line.

HubSpot- the all in one CRM software

There are numerous tasks that a business firm has to manage in order to keep growing. Doing so, they opt for different software for different tasks. And as a result they often get stuck in cobbled software that are far more complex and time taking than others.

Hubspot is an all in one spot for every business as it offers complex services in an easy to use form. It is used both for B2C and B2B marketing automation.

Before knowing what HubSpot does, one should know what HubSpot actually is. It is a complete package of automation software that can be used by all types of businesses to manage their customer base. With multiple features offered, businesses can optimize their customer base according to their requirements. As a user-friendly interface, HubSpot offers complete ease and accessible packages, when purchased, manage customer needs for the businesses just as they want.

The Marketing Hub

For every business, the perfect mix of several marketing strategies results in a good marketing campaign. For instance, email marketing is effective for a firm that has corporate clients, social media campaigns are effective for companies that tend to gather a large audience and so the list goes on.

A company’s success lies entirely in the way it markets its products and services, hence strong marketing is crucial and hectic of course. The mixing of strategies means using various software and sites to make the marketing up to the mark which somehow results in cobbled tech working.

But here’s the part where we have great news for you.! The marketing hub is a feature of HubSpot that does it all together. From email marketing campaigns to website management, social media marketing and developing landing pages it is a complete marketing package for you. It helps manage each of your campaigns without creating a chaotic merging of various marketing aspects.

With the use of Marketing Hub, you can:

1. Create a complete social media marketing campaign.

2. Schedule Media posts for various social media platforms.

3. Create automated emails for your clients regarding updates and promos.

4. Design and post ads on various online platforms.

5. Retarget ads on Facebook, Google or LinkedIn

6. Automated emails after pop up or embedded form submissions

7. Standard SSL certificates

8. SEO recommendations and optimization

9. Create SEO optimized blog according to best practice

10. Customizable data on your marketing performance

11. Run A/B test on landing pages and emails

12.In-depth analysis of engagement with every page of your website

13.Tracking page views, bounce rate, click rate, average time spent on a page, conversion rates, and more

A common perspective that companies have-or is it a mistake. ?

Most of the emerging businesses think that they can market their firms all by themselves. They try to work manually on the tasks that could be automated and waste a great deal of time on them. Well, that is not a practical approach because you always need an expert for these simple yet technical tasks. The common mistake most of the companies make is that they try to take up every task by themselves and as a result fail in it because they are not the experts. CRM consultants and marketing agencies that are familiarized with the marketing hub are what they require at this spot to flourish their business.

Now, finding the right consulting firm that provides value added consultancy services is the key. With our CRM and Marketing software and experts on hand, you can gain competitive advantage and ensure success for your business.

Join hands with DataBeys, No.1 marketing automation services providers in Dubai to step up your marketing game now.!

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