Benefits of integrating your calling system and CRM


In today’s world, business automation is all the rage. For the same reason, to improve your bonds with clients through high-quality and timely interactions, a software called is used. But, with the rising demands of customers for swift response and service from the companies, it is necessary to make the calling system of the company efficient. To cater to this need, the distinctive ability of CRM to integrate with the phone call system of your company proves priceless. It is a cost-efficient method that amalgamates two existing services of your organization, complementing each other to optimize your customer services and productivity. It further provides an efficient channel for communication and reliable data handling.

CRM software is already a need for companies of all sizes looking to improve workflow. What advantages these two solutions can offer your business and how do they connect to one another? CRM software integration is the appropriate move in that direction. It enables improved tracking of all communications with clients, prospects, and business partners. Additionally, it encourages a customer-centric approach and gives you complete access to all client-related information in one location. You will have a potent solution that improves the customer experience and propels business growth when your CRM programmed and calling system are integrated. With CRM and phone systems working together, you can offer outstanding customer service, which can increase sales and improve the reputation of your business.

Few people are aware of how crucial it is to integrate your calling system with your CRM. Databeys is an authority, therefore let us to explain the benefits and rights that come with it:

Improved Performance and Efficiency:

This feature of CRM will prove to be revolutionary in terms of your data handling, recording, and accessibility. Its primary aspect is the automatic and time-efficient recording of relevant customer data without changing tabs or devices manually. It proves to be an accurate and reliable source for future proceedings. In addition, it allows your customer service representatives to connect calls directly through CRM and brings along the entire history of the respective customers. It enables informed dealing by your representative due to timely access to concerned data.

Furthermore, the automation feature directs the calls without requiring human intervention, significantly lessening the workload. It allows automated messages for an instant response and bulk messaging for marketing. Employees can schedule crucial follow-up calls with the help of a CRM integrated calling service. It saves them from the inconvenience of remembering things. Instead, they can focus on the task on hand. The efficiency of the entire company increases when your CRM system and cloud phone system are combined. These attributes guarantee exponential improvement in the performance of your employees and the provision of customer services by them.

Better Management:

You will be able to see which customers you have spoken to, what they have said, and any necessary follow-up activities in real-time on your cloud phone system thanks to the data gathered by your CRM.

With the help of these crucial key data, you can learn how each sales or support professional manages his workload. These metrics cover aspects like the daily call volume, caller hang-up rates, average call duration, and average wait time. After reviewing your call statistics using CRM software, you can make recommendations for how to raise agents’ KPIs and boost teams’ overall productivity. This kind of software can improve communication within a business and assist operations function more easily and transparently across numerous departments or locations by offering supervisors and coworkers access to the identical data.

Business Operation Upgradation:

The first thing to realize is that it is a cost-efficient service that utilizes your existing services. As the system will take over most of the workload, you will need fewer employees. Moreover, accurate data recording and organization by CRM reduces the chance of human error.

Additionally, it tracks call logs and details. You can assess your company’s performance and shortcomings by comparing call analytics with sales data. Also, the managers can monitor the activities of the customer services team. It provides a sense of accountability to the employees and hence boosts operation.

Above all, it provides your company with a centralized system and leads, from which both the sales and marketing departments can benefit through collaboration. It develops a sense of cohesion between departments, urging them to work together towards success.

Greater transparency, Greater flexibility, and Increased sales:

With all customer data available in one place, you can make better decisions about how to serve your customers. You can see what products or services they have purchased in the past; what interactions they have had with your business, and what complaints or compliments they have made. This information can help you make data-driven decisions to enhance your sales.

Even if the agent responsible for a customer is unavailable, any of his co-workers can see all information they need to deliver the same customer care and seamless customer experiences. That results in better clients retention and drives more sales.

Customer Services and Satisfaction:

The CRM integrated calling service, which is not the least, guarantees effective and efficient customer services and customer pleasure. The automated direction of call to the concerned department saves the customers from the inconvenience of waiting. Also, the availability of all past dealings with the customer allows the customer service representative to provide better assistance and guidance. The efficient collection of data saves both the customer and provider from the inconvenience of repetition. Apart from this, the call records act as evidence if a conflicting situation arises with a customer logically. Thus, providing the customers with top-notch services.

The Takeaway:

Cloud phone systems and CRM interfaces make it simpler than ever for sales teams to get the crucial data they need to deliver outstanding customer service and close more transactions. Sales teams can choose what goods and services to give consumers, when and how to contact them, and how to effectively serve them if they have correct customer data at their fingertips.

In the light of the above features, it is evident that you must have a CRM integrated calling service for a successful business. Databeys realizes this need and wants you to have a competitive edge in the market. For your ease, among other services, we also offer CRM integrated calling system services.

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