How to connect your Social Media and Paid Ad Accounts to HubSpot?

How to connect your Social Media and Paid Ad Accounts to HubSpot?
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
February 6, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Haleema Khan

How to connect your Social Media and Paid Ad Accounts to HubSpot?

There are many reasons that you should start using HubSpot because of its numerous features available to the customization process. It is regarded as one of the best Customer Relationship Management solutions available in the market. Here we will learn how HubSpot is connected to your Social Media and manage it efficiently without being worried about posting regularly instead the posts will already be scheduled. You can track brand engagements automatically with HubSpot. You can track your brand's exposure and reputation while also having the opportunity to move quickly in the case of any bad remarks. As a result, it will be easier to manage your social media accounts.

Social Media Accounts Interconnected with HubSpot

Once the connection is made with HubSpot you can create, publish your social posts, analyze your social media account data and performance from your HubSpot account.

  • •  In your HubSpot account, click the setting.
  • settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  • •  Navigate to Marketing > Social in the dropdown, left sidebar menu.
  • •  Click Connect Account, at the top right of the page.
Social Media Accounts Interconnected with HubSpot

You can link your HubSpot account to the following social networks:

  • ⇒ Facebook & Instagram
  • ⇒ LinkedIn
  • ⇒ Twitter

Connect a Facebook or Instagram account:

To connect your account:

  • •  Select Facebook & Instagram, in the dialog box.
  • •  Then, select the checkbox or page you want to connect to.
  • •  Click Connect.
Point to note: To be linked to HubSpot, Instagram accounts need to be business accounts that are linked to a Facebook page that you manage. Personal accounts cannot be connected to HubSpot. The new pages experience on Facebook cannot be connected to HubSpot directly. For 90-days the connected Facebook pages are authorized.

Connect a LinkedIn account:

  • •  Select LinkedIn from the dialog box.
  • •  Select the page or checkbox you want to connect to next.
  • •  Click Connect.
Please note: Due to retention policy of LinkedIn's data, HubSpot will delete all LinkedIn data after 1-year. But still the data can be viewed into your connected LinkedIn account.

Connect a Twitter account:  

To connect your Twitter account, adhere to the instructions listed below. Use incognito or private windows to link multiple Twitter accounts since HubSpot approves your social account based on the account you are connected into in your browser.

  • •  In the Dialog box, click Twitter.
  • •  Review the requested permissions in the dialogue box, then select Authorize app.
  • •  Choose an option to customize the publishing information that appears in your social reports.
  • º  Reports on all publications uploaded: Your social reports will contain social postings you have posted directly on your social accounts and through HubSpot. Any user who has publish permissions in the social tool will be able to publish from the connected Twitter account if you select this option.
  • º Report on articles published by HubSpot only: The social reporting will only contain social media posts published from HubSpot.
  • •  Click Done.

Necessary disclosure: The HubSpot Social feature allows you to generate and schedule updates after connecting to your Twitter account. Although they are saved, your Tweets will only be published at the time you specify. Additionally, HubSpot will archive your Tweets' analytics and responses.

Paid Advertising Accounts Associated with HubSpot

You can connect your Ads to HubSpot to manage your ads in HubSpot's ads tools. Once your ads accounts are connected, HubSpot will display and report on all existing campaigns in the accounts.Connect your Ads Account:

  • •  In your HubSpot account, in the main navigation bar click
  • settings icon.
  • •  Navigate to Marketing > Ads in the dropdown, left sidebar menu.
  • •  Click Connect Account, at the top right of the page.

Connect Google Ads

  • •  In the dialog box select Google Ads. If you have multiple Google Ads accounts a list of your accounts          will appear in the Pop-up window.
  • •  Then log into your google account using the email address associated with your Google Ads account           then allow Click.
  • •  You will be redirected back to HubSpot to finish the Setup process.
  • •  Enter add account name.
  • •  Then Email.
  • •  Select Time Zone & Currency.
  • •  Click Create Account.

(Once you have connected to your Google Ads account you will receive an email notifying you that your Google Ads account is linked to HubSpot customers)

  • •  Lastly, Exit Setup.

Connect Facebook Ads

You can connect your Facebook Ad Account to HubSpot to create and manage your Facebook Ads in the HubSpot Ads tool. If you have multiple Facebook Ads accounts a list of your accounts will appear in the dialog box.

  • •  Select the Check Boxes next to the Facebook Ads accounts you want to connect to HubSpot.
  • •  If you want to track contacts that interact with your ads leave the auto-tracking switch toggled On.              This will apply HubSpot tracking to Facebook Ads in the account to connect.
  • •  Click Connect.
Disclaimer: If you miss a payment to HubSpot, it will mark your Facebook ad account as inactive. To resolve this issue, you need to check your Facebook business settings. From HubSpot you can disconnect your Ad account. A user token with access rights linked with ad accounts and pages is sent to HubSpot. HubSpot has access to all the ad accounts and websites you have authorization for, but it does not save them.

Connect LinkedIn Ads

  • •  In the dialog box, Select LinkedIn.

There comes the pop-up screen where you will see your ad account in case you have already created it.

  • •  Select your ad account to connect to HubSpot. In the dialog box, select LinkedIn Ads Account to          sync leads from switch the toggle On.
  • •  Click right in the Checkbox.
  • •  Click Connect.
  • •  To sync leads, select the LinkedIn Ads account in the dialog box.
  • •  Click Save.
Point to note: Your LinkedIn Ads account number will be saved by HubSpot, who will also be able to view and administer your account. HubSpot receives a user token with access to the linked ad accounts and pages when you approve the integration. All ad accounts and pages you have authorization to access are visible to HubSpot but not saved there. Connect with Databeys, expert HubSpot Consultants in Dubai, to assist you in integrating the Social Media and Ad Paid Accounts in quick easy steps. We will help you to generate the leads it will attract your customers and help you to build customer trust.

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