Unveiling the Differences of Hubspot Sales Edition | Free vs. Starter vs. Pro. Enterprise

Unveiling the Differences of Hubspot Sales Edition | Free vs. Starter vs. Pro. Enterprise
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
February 22, 2024
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
07 min to read
Aleeza Aleem

Every business needs a game changer to remain up-to-date with new technology in this digital world of sales and customer relationship management. With that being said, Hubspot is a game changer in the CRM landscape offering a spectrum of features to every other business worldwide. It is designed to meet and understand the needs of every customer and business, as well. There are different Hubspot sales packages, from its free edition to the enterprise edition, in every package you will be getting a unique set of tools and features. 

With these helpful features and tools, you can grow your business and make your relationship strong with your customers. Most of the time, people explore Hubspot’s free vs. p[ro. Vs. enterprise options. But in this blog post, we will explore all four packages and see what are the differences between Hubspot’s free, starter, pro, and enterprise sales editions. After knowing all the features, you will easily be choosing Hubspot’s sales package that will suit perfectly for you. 

A Guide to Hubspot’s Free, Starter, Pro, Enterprise Sales Edition

It is clear that Hubspot is a leading tool in the advanced business world, offering a range of sales edition features according to any or every business. So, in this comprehensive guide, we will have a closer look at all the package options so that you can make a proper decision in choosing a perfect option, for your business growth. Whether you are a beginner and struggling to expand your business, or you are at an enterprise level, trying to make your relationship strong with your both old and new customers, with Hubspot sales edition, it is all easy for you. 

A Guide to Hubspot’s Free, Starter, Pro, Enterprise Sales Edition

1. Go for Hubspot’s Sales Edition for Free

Let’s start with the very basic package, Hubspot’s Sales Edition for free. It is a perfect package for those who want a kickstart into the sales edition without having concerns for paying so that they can get themselves entered into the digital business world, easily. Here are some key features and the benefits that you will be getting by subscribing to Hubspot’s free sales packages. 

Key Features

  • • Effortlessly organize your contacts in one centralized location. 
  • • Offers you three dashboards per month, and 10 reports per dashboard. 
  • • Tracks your sales opportunities while monitoring, progressing, and gaining insights. 
  • • Allows you to integrate Emails and Outlook to enjoy a smooth experience. 
  • • You will have a live chat option, as well in the free edition.
  • • Access to the CRM dashboard only on the desktop app. 
  • • There are free email templates for you to select. 
  • • Create to-do lists, forums, reports, and set reminders so that no task slips. 
  • • Conversational bots are present for your ease in this free version.  
  • • You can gain a quick overview of your sales performance by managing the dashboard accordingly.

2. Explore Hubspot’s Starter Sales Edition 

Hubspot’s starter sales edition package is for those who are ready to take their sales to the next level and expand their business more. In this package, you will get additional features and capabilities along with all the features of the free sales version of Hubspot. Here are some advanced advantages mentioned that you can get in this starter package. 

Key Features

  • • Access to email tracking and notifications to ensure you stay informed about how leads engage with your messages. 
  • • Offers you 10 dashboards, and 10 reports per dashboard. 
  • • Stripe integration for the US only and access to Hubspot payment gateways. 
  • • 2 users can use a single account at a time. 
  • • Provides you with 2 deal pipelines. 
  • • Access to CRM dashboard on both desktop and mobile apps. 
  • • Slack Integration along with Emaik and Outlook for a seamless experience.
  • • Allows you to automate the repetitive tasks to keep you focusing on strong building connections with your customers. 
  • • Access to competitor, social media, and blog analytics. 

3. Advancing with Hubspot’s Pro Sales Edition

If you are the one looking for smart and advanced tools to grow your business towards more success in the tech hub, then you must subscribe to Huibspot’s pro sales edition, a robust solution for you. It has some latest and advanced features that are necessary for any brand/business to improve its sales and boost productivity. Here are key features described that are included in this pro sales package of Hubspot, along with all the benefits included in the free and starter packages. 

Key Features

  • • Integration of Salesforce along with Slack, Email, and Outlook for your ease. 
  • • Access to automate deal stage, tasks, and lead rotation. 
  • • Provides you with a lot of workflow extensions. 
  • • Offers you 25 dashboards, and 30 reports per dashboard. 
  • • Gives you an insight into your team’s performance and allows you for strategic adjustments. 
  • • Allows you for 1:1 video creations for improved sales purposes. 
  • • Provides you with 50 deal pipelines. 
  • • Access to CRM dashboards on both desktop and mobile apps to stay connected at any time and anywhere. 
  • • E-commerce integration along with the blog, social media, and external website. 
  • • Allows you to tailor the CRM dashboard to align with your business needs.

4. Excel with Hubspot’s Enterprise Sales Edition

Hubspot’s enterprise sales package is a comprehensive solution for your all business needs at a large scale. This package offers you unlimited features along with all the benefits included in free, starter, and pro packages to support your sales operation if you are running your business at an enterprise level. Some key features are mentioned here for you to get a clear idea about why this enterprise version is necessary to subscribe for your business success and growth. 

Key Features

  • • Allows you to organize and manage your sales team seamlessly to ensure a smooth flow of conversation and collaboration. 
  • • Provides you with playbooks to enhance the effectiveness of your sales team. 
  • • Offer you 50 dashboards, and 30 reports per dashboard. 
  • • Gives access to CRM dashboard on both desktop and mobile apps. 
  • • Provides you with 100 deal pipelines. 
  • • Allows you to streamline complex sales processes with advanced tools and capabilities. 
  • • Helps you to elevate your lead generation management with predictive lead scoring. 
  • • Enables the automation of intricate workflows for a smooth experience. 
  • • Provides comprehensive insights into your team’s performance.
  • • 24/7 access to premium support services.

To Curl Up!

With all these main differences between Hubspot’s sales edition for free, starter, pro, and enterprise, you have a clear idea about which package you should subscribe to. For a beginner, it will be good to go with a free version but to expand the business and improve its sales, you should scale up step by step. Get the benefits of these advanced features and step forward in the digital business world with Hubspot. 

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