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While working in an organization you would understand there are plenty of small tasks that need to be done. They are not that significant but these do take a good amount of time. As humans, we get frustrated performing the same tasks over and over again. This is the point where marketing automation makes its appearance. Before diving deep into the topic, let’s get to know what marketing automation means. 

Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation is the process of using software that is designed to perform monotonous marketing tasks. This streamlines the multiple marketing processes that support digital marketing campaigns for a firm. These programs are designed specifically to make your marketing efforts more effective and efficient. Data patterns are used and analyzed to schedule emails, trigger lead generation, reminders, social media content, and more.  

In marketing, there are a lot of repetitive tasks that take up most of your time and divide your attention as well. Thus, you are unable to focus on the important tasks at hand. The main objective of marketing automation is to help you bring out your strategies to life without expending much of your resources or time. It works best when you have a designated audience and a nurturing strategy you want to work with. This is also of great use when you are trying to acquire new customers and generate leads.  

Moreover, some tools help you to customize an experience for your audience based on their behaviors, purchases, activities, preferences, etc. It will make your customers feel like you have crafted the message solely for them. This further builds trust and increases brand awareness. 

With all these benefits you would question that is it worth it to invest in marketing automation. 

Benefits of Marketing Automation 

When executed properly, marketing automation can yield great benefits. It can help any type of organization (either it’s small or large) in achieving its key marketing goals and gaining more profits. Listed below are some benefits that marketing automation has to offer: 

  • • Helps understand your customers/audience better 

As said, customers are the drivers of any business making them the most important stakeholders. They like treated with care and demand recognition. Consistency and personalization are the key elements utilized by businesses to retain their customers.  

Using marketing automation, you have access to customer data that helps set up reminders and alerts for customers, meaning you never miss their birthday or any important occasion. You greet them warmly and include yourself in their joys. These little gestures hold immense importance. They leave a mark on the mind of the customer making them remember you. Customers appreciate when organizations treat them with a whiff of personalization and do not make them feel casual. 

  • Increases team productivity 

Our marketing teams are often immersed in daily repetitive tasks that make them unable to focus on the aspects that require more attention. Marketing automation assists teams to automate these tasks giving them the energy and time to concentrate more on the core tasks like long-term strategic planning, lead nurturing, and customer retention.  

When all those tedious tasks are automated, you can plan on enhancing customer satisfaction and improving customer experience on the whole.  

  • Makes it easier to formulate and implement complex strategies 

Being strategic is not just reaching out to your customers repeatedly, it means formulating structured campaigns for boosting sales. Marketing automation combined with your strategies enables you to reach more quality contacts. You can do this by diving your customer into segments and sending them messages based on their interests, behaviors, etc. Delivering value regularly over time to your customers is the key. Automation tools also help you measure the effectiveness of your strategies so you can figure out what’s best and invest more time in them.  

  • • Enhances lead generation and lead nurturing

Leads are one of the most important aspects when it comes to business growth. Combining marketing and sales strategies along with automating some steps in between will give you a good amount of time to focus on leads. This creates a win-win situation meaning more potential prospects turn into more customers.  

You can get a richer and more detailed picture of customer behaviors through marketing automation. Using tracking methods will help your team figure out prospects’ interests and where they stand in the purchasing life cycle. Moreover, you can gather further insights into your prospects through website visits, social media activity, and downloads. Marketing automation tools then assist you in categorizing prospects, automatic scoring, qualifying, and prioritizing leads.  

  • • Saves time and effort by streamlining multiple processes   

The plus of automation is that it helps you save a lot of time. Your team is not required to do manual repetitive tasks and help improve engagement, optimize your marketing strategy, and focus more on your bottom line.  

Marketing automation also boosts your sales which increases your revenue. With these tools you will never miss out on an event, resulting in planning out and scheduling all the tasks beforehand. 

Excel in your Marketing Automation Strategies 

It does not matter in which industry your organization falls or what is the size of your organization, marketing tasks are always repetitive and monotonous. They take a good amount of your time sorting and working on simple tasks. So, using marketing automation will be a win-win situation for you. Let me tell you how! 

Your main focus should be your long-term goals which are only achievable when you plan strategically. Let the automaton take care of your daily little chores and you concentrate on the bigger picture. Even with automation, your customers will get the same experience you want to deliver to them. Instead of spending more and more time doing tasks manually, take a decision and implement marketing automation right away.  

Databeys’ expert marketing consultants can assist you in getting through your marketing tasks and implement automation according to your needs enabling you to focus more on your aims and objectives. 

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