How to Build an Email Marketing Contact List


Focusing on customer retention has always resulted in a secure and a long-term relationship with customers. Well, it is said that attracting a new customer is much harder than keeping an existing one. So, for an organization to function well, fostering relationships with present customers is important.

Relationships take their time to get stronger. They are built on elements like trust, quality, loyalty and most importantly understanding. Same is the case in building relations with customers. Understanding what customers desire and transforming your products and services accordingly is the key at being successful.

A customer needs proper care and maintenance which means that the organization should stay in touch with its customers, update them on everything new and offer them something so they would like to stay loyal. There are multiple ways by which an organization can cultivate loyalty. Delivering quality is one of the most important factors that can help an organization recognized. Quality is not just limited towards a special product or service but it can also be shown in gestures and communication.

Email Marketing Contact List

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful tools used to target audience and capture customers. Every successful email marketing campaign begins with a high-quality email list. Yes, that’s true, email lists hold immense importance because there is no point to design a great email campaign and send those mails to a bunch of people who are not interested.

But what is an email marketing contact list?

It is a collection of email addresses gathered from individuals who have opted to receive email communications. These addresses are connected through various methods like online sign-ups, website cookies, social media, in-person events etc. Organizations develop their email marketing contact list to send emails, newsletters and various updates to their customer pool. Email marketing is thus a strong tool that is used to communicate to customers and prospects in order to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, and drive sales.

Moreover, the email marketing contact lists are managed by either an email marketing software or a customer relationship management (CRM) system. By using these tools, organizations can further segment their customer pool according to various criteria like demographics, history etc.

Most importantly these lists are made and the emails are received only to those people who have subscribed to the websites or media pages with their consent. There is always an option of “unsubscribe” present at the footer of an email. People who don’t want the updates can simply unsubscribe.

Now we know what email marketing contact lists are, so the next questions popping in mind are:

How these are important and how can we make a good email marketing contact list?

3 Elements That Make The Email Marketing Contact List Stronger

Quality, Relevance and Quantity are the three major factors that should be focused to build a great email marketing contact list.

Quality: It focuses on getting complete information from real people. It is never right to buy an email list because it can be spam accounts, abandoned email addresses etc.

Relevance: It refers to attracting prospects who are already interested in your products/services. If that’s not the case, the subscribers will immediately unsubscribe your emails because they’d be irrelevant to them.

Quantity: After ensuring the first two elements, you should start focusing on expanding your email marketing contact list – the more the merrier.

Building an Email Marketing Contact List from Scratch

Building a list means having subscribers at hand that are interested in what you offer and want to initiate communication.

1- Provide locations to customers for signing-up

Collection of email addresses is the foremost step. It can be done by offering prospects multiple CTAs (call to actions) to sign-up for your promotions and updates. Adding more than one CTAs is beneficial and makes the users recognize them. If a person misses one CTA, they should always have another chance to subscribe which means that you should be adding more than one CTAs. On your website, limit the number of CTAs to two to four positions; consider the following locations:

  • Homepage
  • The sidebar of a blog post
  • About Us or bio page
  • Contact pages
  • Site header
  • Pop-up forms

Pro-Tip: Always use a double opt-in process. According to this procedure, your email service provider will send new subscribers a confirmation email to make sure they want to be on your list.

2-Import Existing Contacts 

Whenever a customer purchase something, it is definite that they leave their contact information behind. Most organizations use these to market their products/services to their customers.

When building up an email marketing contact list, you should gather the contacts of your customers because if they’re interested once and have a good experience with you, there is a high chance that they will come to you again. Importing existing contacts and making a list of them that’s obviously relevant and authentic is one of the ways to initiate email marketing.

3-Offering Incentives To New Email Subscribers

Offering incentives is another strategy to capture prospects that may be interested. People often subscribe to get an offer that goes in their favor. A CTR (click-through-rate) of an email automatically increases when the organization offers something to their customers. Some examples of incentive are mentioned below:

  • A coupon
  • Discount code
  • A free seminar/workshop
  • an exclusive newsletter
  • Free shipping  (if you have a product-based business)

4-Take Advantage Of Your Social Media Accounts

Social media can also be used to collect email signatures and develop a relevant email marketing contact list. posting regular content on social media will keep your customers engaged and more loyal to you. Including email sign-up locations on your social media posts or handles helps you collect some promising leads. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are just a few examples of the social media sites that let you interact with customers in a lighthearted way. Do post on these platforms and offer your customers incentives in exchange for their email addresses.

Email Marketing Contact List is just the beginning!

Collecting email signatures and building up an email marketing contact list is the first step towards a successful email campaign. Closely manage your list with time, ensuring that your prospects are never left unattended. Bring in the required changes in your campaign knowing that users’ interests change over time.

Consistence and quality are the measures your organization needs to focus on. Your email marketing contact list will change as your marketing strategies evolve. Consistently analyze your list and use what you discover in order to improve your email marketing campaign and establish a positive online presence.

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