How to Convert more Leads with Sales Calls


Sales representatives know that sales are not about luck. It is quite the opposite; sales are successful when they are thoughtfully planned and strategized. This happens at a greater level through activities like customer experience mapping, focusing on customer behavior and annual sales strategy sessions. According to research, the best sales representatives thoroughly prepare for each call. While reps have a successful call framework in place, their approach should be flexible enough to allow them to customize each call for a particular prospect.

The availability of similar services from multiple sources has made it a tough job to stand out among competitors. Proving that your services are top-notch and converting sales leads into potential customers is such a task.

As a sales CRM consultancy firm assisting businesses with lead conversion is one of the most frequent requests we receive. In today’s digital world, converting leads is one of the most important milestones in the sales process. Changes in digital marketing strategies, competition and technology have made it important to make sales calls efficiently in order to build a lasting relationship with your customer. A successful sales call is often the first step in building a lasting relationship with a prospective client.

Let us take a look at how you can convert more leads by planning your sales calls more carefully.

Establishing a sales call structure:

Sales representatives follow a repeated pattern on their calls, which means they have established a specified structure for their calls. This structure is what provides them with a competitive advantage and makes them stand out among their competitors. They use a systematic approach and professionally lead conversations, combining special topics together to produce a natural call rhythm. Most sales representatives initially try to build rapport along with inducing curiosity and then come to their original point. This builds a connection with the customer and keeps him engaged during the call.

Organize your agenda:

You can only hold the customer’s attention for a limited time – make it count. Set up some basic talking keynotes and keep the conversation organized and relevant. Do not be afraid to get to the point! Delivering your focal points in a limited amount of time is the key. One needs to be brief yet catchy enough to convert the prospect into a customer. Junk calling needs to be avoided as well. Mostly people disconnect the calls they’re not interested in. Calling them repeatedly will be a waste of time and resources. Hence, sales calls need to be well organized and properly structured.

Know your audience:

Knowledge regarding who your target audience is and what they require is crucial for every organization. Which means it is important to know your prospects before you talk to them in order to market your brand successfully. It is because without knowing the audience one would not be clear what to say. A good understanding of the customer requirements will hence result in a more successful sales call. DataBeys’ sales CRM helps you learn about your audience at the click of a button. Use every key knowledge you can get and use it to sustain your customer relationships.

Make room for the client:

We get it, time is short, and you have to pitch your services but making the call and starting a monologue is the kind of interaction that is not going to get you a customer. Each person wants to get treated in a special manner, same is the case with the customers. They want the sellers to make them feel important and satisfy their requirements. Asking your prospect what they are looking for, talking to them about what they require and expect from the service you are providing, engaging them in the conversation and building a mutual connection is the key. Stir up an engaging and interesting conversation to learn more about the customer. After knowing the needs of your customer, pitch your offer accordingly. Let the customer continue the talking!

SMART calls: A key tip

Top-tier sales professionals not only build SMART sales calls objectives to make the most of their time with prospects but also use the acronym as a thorough guide to help create effective sales calls goals. Here is a description of how the SMART approach might assist you in formulating strategies that produce results:

  • Specific: Be distinct about what you have to talk about. Be engaging and interesting but clear your point in a short period of time.
  • Measurable: Choose a method for determining whether you succeeded in achieving the call’s objective. You can’t maximize your sales without this component.
  • Action-Oriented: The goals should progress the buyer’s journey for your prospect and enhance your understanding of their requirements.
  • Realistic: The goals you aim for should be achievable. If you tend to generate sales on your very first call, you might reconsider the objectives.
  • Time-Bound: Decide what can you accomplish in the time frame of a single call. Determine an objective and try to achieve it within the given period of time.

Analyze your Performance:

A performance analysis is essential at the end of every sales call. The success of the call needs to be determined. This will further help to know one’s customers better and focus on what they require. The performance analysis will also help to figure out the strong points along with the weak areas that require improvement. It will assist in formulating a sales calls strategy in the future driving more emphasis on successful results.

Lead generation along with closing leads is a daunting process. If you want help searching for potential prospects or need assistance with any other aspect of lead generation, lead closing and capturing leads, our expert team at Databeys is here to help. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can put our expertise to work for you! With the help of our sales CRM, DataBeys can help you figure out what your audience wants from you and what will turn potential clients into paying customers!

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