How to Optimize your Customer Service with CRM


Before diving into the main concept of customer service via CRM software, let’s have an overview of the term customer service. The act of providing support to your customers – potential and existing – to enhance their experience and satisfaction with the company’s products and services. Making the most of every interaction and forging long lasting relationships with your customers is the main motive of customer service. Providing good customer service means acting as a partner for your customers, that includes assistance in making decisions, informing them regarding the products and helping them out to get what’s best for them.

Why is customer service important?

The importance of customer service, if defined in one word, would be ‘retention’. If the customers are happy with the services you provide, they will tend to stick through, hence creating a long-term positive relationship. On the other hand, below average customer service will result in a loss of customers and negative word of mouth. Customer service is a differentiator that distinguishes your brand from competitors that provide similar goods or services. Service teams do more than just respond to inquiries; they also tailor each interaction to the needs and requirements of the customer. The benefits of good customer service are as follows:

     1. It drives business performance

     2. It stimulates business growth

     3. It improves customer retention

     4. And lastly, results in an increase in sales.


Customer Service and CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is used to handle all interactions and relationships between your business and its customer base. It has a simple objective, that is to strengthen business relations. CRM systems assist businesses in maintaining contact with clients, streamlining procedures, and boosting profitability. When someone mentions CRM, they actually mean a CRM system, a tool that aids in productivity, sales management, and contact management, and various other things.

The quality of customer service you provide affects the customer experience and ultimately your brand. Poor customer service can lead the customer to believe that the brand is lazy and doesn’t care about them. So how exactly can you improve your customer experience? That’s where CRM comes into play.

CRM provides a technological foundation for great customer service.

Here are a few ways you can get your salespeople to understand the wonders of CRM that can help them as well:

Help manage all the information

All businesses eventually need to expand into new markets or roll out new goods. It is hard to manage everything manually on such a large scale. Thus, you might need to make an investment in an integrated CRM solution if you are having trouble keeping up with the business you are currently generating. Your sales team may concentrate on the opportunities that are most likely to close by sorting, analyzing, and prioritizing your sales leads with a CRM, and your customer service team will have the data they require for upselling and cross-selling. This will further help to sort out customer demands and focus on potential leads as well.

Real time data sharing across teams

When a customer has to repeat their problems to every support person, they can get annoyed. Nobody wants to explain one issue to multiple people, instead they think the company’s customer support service is weak. Their thoughts are right in this scenario. A stronger customer support system means that everyone in the team has access to customer data and can resolve minor inconveniences at any instant. A slow-paced service will result in losing the customer. CRM systems give a solution to this problem by giving customer data and history access to the entire team no matter which platform the customer came from, making the customer service process seamless and efficient.

Knowledge Management

Most of the customers are stuck at a point where they do not require to talk to a representative, but they want an answer to their simplest query. They often search for answers within the website or its content as well. CRM has made it all easy and possible now. It provides knowledge management portals that enable customers to self-service. Customers can access the FAQ and troubleshoot articles and can get an answer to their basic questions without needing to talk to a representative. CRM systems also help set up online forums where customers can interact with each other and ask questions. Alongside that CRM enables the customers to drop their emails or contact information if they want the company to send promotional messages and updates. Convenient, isn’t it?

Consistent Customer Experience

After using a specific service, we all want to review how it went. We talk to people about what we experienced and how the service was on the whole. Same is the case with customers, whenever they use a product or outsource a service, they have the right to review it too. CRM has made this all easy as well. Companies provide their services and often get them reviewed by their clients. Doing this helps strengthen the company’s bond with the customers. Not only that, but it also helps the business to gain feedback and enables it to focus on the points lacking in the service. Feedback helps the business to grow better and know about the demands and requirements of its client base. Getting feedback from customers is also a form of customer service, one where you show them you care about their experience. Moreover, CRM allows you to automate surveys and schedule follow ups to gather customer feedback about how you can improve your service for them.

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