HubSpot and Salesforce Integration

HubSpot and Salesforce Integration
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
May 16, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Azka Waqas

Managing a business as a whole is no doubt a daunting task. You have multiple teams that use several platforms to perform their day-to-day tasks. This means that each team will use the set of software necessary according to their work requirements. These tools are thus needed to be connected at a core level to ensure efficient data access across teams. Here is where we are introduced to the concept of integration.

What is Integration?

Integration is the process of combining or merging two or more things to create a unified whole. So, software integration means connecting two or more software applications enabling them to share data and provide updates to one another. The ultimate goal is to create a coherent and unified business environment that allows applications to share data across multiple platforms. Integration, if performed with good planning and expertise, results in an efficient system that provides significant value to its users.

Defining HubSpot and Salesforce CRM

HubSpot and Salesforce are both among the top-rated CRM platforms. Let's get to know what they are capable of individually.


HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage their relationships and customer interactions. It enables users to store customer data, track customer interactions, create reports, and build customer relationships. With HubSpot CRM, businesses can measure the success of their campaigns, segment their contacts into lists, and track leads throughout the sales process. It also provides tools for managing contacts, leads, and deals and tracking customer engagement across multiple channels. These features make it easier for businesses to understand their customers better and optimize their marketing efforts.


Salesforce is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps companies and organizations manage customer relationships and interactions. It provides a single platform for managing customer data, automating processes, and creating custom applications. With its cloud-based solution, Salesforce allows businesses to store all their customer data in one place and access it from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the platform offers tools to help users create reports and dashboards to gain insights into their customers' buying behavior.

Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce

The HubSpot – Salesforce integration is one of the most recognized integrations offered by HubSpot's Marketplace. Salesforce CRM is used by multiple sales teams, whereas HubSpot is a tool primarily used by the marketing department. Hence, there is a need to provide ease when teams from marketing and sales are operating on various platforms. HubSpot's Sales Hub is an excellent alternative to Salesforce, but most teams try not to shift. Additionally, the marketing team still needs a solution to attract, qualify and convert leads and delight customers, making HubSpot the best option for you.For Salesforce, HubSpot offers the most outstanding marketing automation solution because of the following:

  • • Native Salesforce integration
  • • Endless Applications, integrations, and Marketing first features
  • • Ease of creating a workflow and market-first advantage.

How to Integrate HubSpot with Salesforce?

Implementing the integration is a strategic play. You must get ready to integrate Salesforce with HubSpot and migrate your old marketing automation tool's data, automation, and content to HubSpot. This process typically takes 80-150 hours (about 6 and a half days) to complete.The following are some steps that can help you in your integration journey.These are:

  • • Calibrate API limits
  • • Describe your journey between both platforms.
  • • Define your SFDC to HubSpot journey
  • • Apply for data protection.
  • • Inclusion filters
  • • Connect integration users

Outcomes of the Integration

Integrating HubSpot and Salesforce helps you manage your customer database in a better way. Given below are some benefits of integrating HubSpot with Salesforce:

  • • Measurement of ROI

This integration allows you to measure the overall revenue impact of your campaign and the personal impact of all your assets. This happens due to the combined utilization of the Salesforce campaign tool and the HubSpot campaign tool. Getting a complete hold of reporting in both systems is extremely valuable.

  • • Alignment of the Sales and Marketing Departments

Both need to know what the other team is working on for the proper alignment and collective working of the sales and marketing departments. Let's consider that the sales team has generated a qualified lead, and then it goes to your website and submits a form. The sales team would not know about the form submission if HubSpot and Salesforce were not integrated. On the other hand, the marketing team would also be unaware of the Customer Relationship before form submission. Integration of Salesforce and HubSpot will make your teams know the availability and efforts of each other. This will help the teams have up-to-date data for automation and informed decision-making.

  • • Influence of Marketing on Sales Operations

Marketing has more input and control over sales when we integrate Salesforce and HubSpot. Leads can be managed, scored, and assigned routes through HubSpot when integrated with Salesforce, enabling it to get leads faster to the sales team. This integration benefits both departments by making sales close more leads and for the marketing department to convert more qualified leads into revenue.

Get the Best out of this Integration with Databeys!

The integration of HubSpot and Salesforce is a bridge for your marketing and sales databases, enabling the data to move seamlessly between the two. It helps the sales team to have the most up-to-date leads from the marketing team. Furthermore, the marketing team will know the latest information regarding the best opportunities. The integration enhances the functionality of both CRM systems and provides an excellent analytical report for both teams. You can get multiple configurations and customize alternatives by integrating HubSpot and Salesforce.Databeys CRM Consultants specialize in integration and implementation services. On a B2B level, we help you optimize all your processes, including sales and marketing, along with delivering the strategies that best serve you.

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