Exploring HubSpot Marketing Editions: Free, Starter, Pro - What Sets Them Apart?

Exploring HubSpot Marketing Editions: Free, Starter, Pro - What Sets Them Apart?
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
February 29, 2024
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Sara Hassan

In today's tech-savvy world, crafting a data-driven marketing campaign is the icing on the cake for customer relationship fostering. HubSpot is an industry-leading software provider that specializes in inbound marketing, sales, and customer care.  Importantly, HubSpot was an early adopter of the inbound marketing approach, which emphasizes producing high-quality content and establishing genuine relationships with consumers for long-term success. In today's marketing world, organizations that want to thrive in a digitally driven and highly competitive climate need HubSpot's innovative strategy and complete platform.

With HubSpot's flexible pricing and edition options, companies across all sectors and sizes can discover a plan that fits their needs and budgets, letting them harness the power of inbound marketing for increased productivity and profitability. It depends upon the following factors such as your 

  • • Budget
  • • Size of organization, and  
  • • Specific marketing needs.  

To accommodate a wide range of business needs and budgets, HubSpot provides multiple software packages. There are four different versions available, each with its own set of features and capabilities: free, starter, professional, and enterprise.

Free Edition: Kickstart Your Business

Businesses with a limited budget can employ HubSpot Marketing Free to build an online presence, create leads, and develop customer connections without investing in costly marketing solutions. Without paying for an expensive marketing agency, solo entrepreneurs can use HubSpot Marketing Free to organize their client database, send targeted emails, and monitor the results of their campaigns.

  • • Startups and Small Businesses
  • • Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs


Email marketing: Make email campaigns and give them to customers and leads to get them interested. You can get simple email templates, tools for personalizing emails, and tracking tools to see how well your emails are doing.

Lead Capture Forms: You can easily make lead capture forms and put them on your website to turn website users into contacts. Get useful information from prospects, and your contact database will add them immediately.

Contact Management: Use a central database to store and order your contacts. Keep track of interactions, handle contact information, and learn more about how your audience acts.

Content Creation: Use the HubSpot platform to write blog posts and website pages and share them. Use simple SEO tools to make your content more visible and get more people to visit it.

Analytics and Reporting: Basic analytics and reporting tools can help you figure out how well your marketing is working. To find out how well something is doing, keep an eye on key data like website traffic, email open rates, and conversion rates


When compared to the premium editions, HubSpot Marketing Free has certain limits, but it still provides useful capabilities for companies just beginning inbound marketing. Among these restrictions are:

Limited Email Marketing: While A/B testing and marketing automation are included in the commercial editions, these sophisticated features are absent from the Free edition, which only provides basic email marketing tools.

Contact Limit: The number of contacts you can keep in your database with HubSpot Marketing Free is limited. To keep adding contacts to your list after you've reached this limit, you'll need to upgrade to a paid edition.

Advanced Reporting: While the Free edition offers basic analytics and reporting features, it is devoid of more sophisticated reporting options found in commercial editions, like attribution reporting and configurable dashboards.

Starter Edition: Upgrade within Budget

The Starter edition of HubSpot Marketing goes above and beyond what is offered in the free version to provide businesses with even more tools to boost their marketing campaigns:


Marketing Automation: To improve efficiency, automate routine jobs and procedures. To interact with prospects and customers more successfully, set up follow-up procedures, lead nurturing campaigns, and automated email sequences.

Ad Management: Use the HubSpot platform to directly manage your online advertising campaigns. Make, track, and improve advertisements for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms to boost exposure and improve website traffic.

Advanced Analytics: Use more sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to have a deeper understanding of your marketing performance. With improved reporting features, you can assess ROI, track campaign performance, and keep an eye on website visitor patterns.

CRM Integration: To coordinate your marketing and sales operations, seamlessly integrate HubSpot Marketing with the HubSpot CRM. To increase teamwork and productivity, sync contact details, monitor conversations, and manage deals and pipelines.

Pricing: 18$/month

If your company is interested in upgrading from the free edition to HubSpot Marketing Starter and accessing more sophisticated capabilities, you can do so for as little as $18 per month. Companies wishing to boost the efficacy of their marketing campaigns will find the Starter edition to be an excellent value due to its extensive feature set.

Pro Edition: Ace Your Marketing

To manage complicated campaigns and processes on a large scale, bigger companies with multiple teams and a lot of marketing activities must have this. To help bigger businesses and their marketing teams achieve even better outcomes, HubSpot Marketing Pro provides a set of sophisticated tools. The Pro edition comes with exclusive features like:


Advanced Marketing Automation: Use advanced automation features to develop highly tailored and sophisticated workflows. Use branching logic, goal-based nurturing, and behavioral triggers to better provide tailored messaging and nurture leads.

Custom Reporting: Create dashboards and reports tailored to your specific business requirements. Gain granular data insights, track marketing success across channels, and calculate ROI with precision.

Predictive Lead Scoring: Use machine learning techniques to forecast which leads are likely to convert into customers. Prioritize and focus your efforts on high-value leads to increase efficiency and revenue growth.

Advanced A/B Testing: Use sophisticated A/B testing to improve your marketing efforts and communications. To enhance conversion rates, test different emails, landing sites, and CTAs to see what works best for your audience.

Pricing: 800$/month

With a monthly price tag at $800, HubSpot Marketing Pro is an investment for bigger companies. Organizations can optimize their marketing efforts, drive big results, and achieve a good return on investment with the entire range of additional features and capabilities it delivers, which justifies the added cost.

Decision Matrix

Features Free Edition Starter Edition Pro Edition
Email Marketing Basic features, suitable for small businesses Up to 2,000 emails/month, ideal for growing businesses Advanced features, suitable for larger enterprises
Ad Management Not available Basic ad management tools, suitable for small businesses Advanced ad management, multi-channel campaigns
Live Chat Not available Basic live chat tool, suitable for customer support Basic live chat tool, suitable for customer support
List Segmentation Not available Basic list segmentation capabilities Advanced segmentation, suitable for targeted campaigns
Custom Reporting Not available Basic reporting on email performance Customizable dashboards, suitable for data-driven decisions
Marketing Automation Not available Not available Advanced automation, suitable for complex workflows
Predictive Lead Scoring Not available Not available Identify high-quality leads, suitable for predictive analysis
A/B Testing Not available Not available Conduct A/B tests, suitable for optimizing marketing efforts
Salesforce Integration Not available Not available Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM, suitable for sales alignment

To Sum it Up! 

As your firm expands, you may want more sophisticated features and capabilities to enhance your marketing endeavors. The Pro edition caters to larger firms and marketing teams with intricate requirements, while the Starter edition is ideal for developing businesses aiming to expand their marketing endeavors. The Free edition is ideal for startups and small businesses with basic marketing requirements. Consider your budget and the value proposition of each edition before making your pick. Evaluate your needs and analyze the features and pricing of each version to get the one that best fits your aims and ambitions. 

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