Today, E-Commerce businesses face the dilemma of selecting the right email marketing software to avoid making email marketing mistakes. With so many options available, it has become a tough choice. The leading providers in the market today are HubSpot and Klaviyo.

Are you confused about the choice? Worry no more! Databeys is here to help make your decision easier. We will be comparing the integration options and the features these email marketing software offer so you can make an informed decision.

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Hubspot and Klaviyo – An Introduction

HubSpot, founded in 2006 as an all-in-one marketing software, has now started offering wholesome sales and services packages. Whereas, Klaviyo, launched in 2012, has grown from an email automation software to an automated email marketing software over time.

Over the years, HubSpot has expanded its suite of marketing technology to help the sales and services team for businesses to grow better. Whereas, Klaviyo offers features designed specifically to help E-commerce companies.

Both platforms offer similar services like WYSIWYG email editor, email templates, A/B testing features, email automation, and personalization capabilities. However, each has some distinctive features that the other lacks, which are deciding factors.

Integrating Capabilities:

The integrating capabilities are the distinguishing feature between the two email marketing software. HubSpot’s prime feature is that its internal integration with its Marketing, Sales, Services, CMS hub, and CRM is practically seamless. If you have HubSpot Sales Pro or above, the integration possibilities are even better, offering 200 software integration options. It further provides the ability to create custom integrations using open API.

As for Klaviyo, it integrates with all the major E-Commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce, and Amazon Marketplace. But its integration is limited as compared to HubSpot.

So, if you are a business reliant on other technologies, then the best email marketing software for you is HubSpot. The easy integration lets you enjoy the best of other software.


Both platforms offer tier pricing depending on the number of emails you send, the number of contacts you have, and other software features. It helps you pick and pay for the capabilities based on your unique goals. HubSpot’s email marketing software can be purchased with the CRM and marketing hub package. The Hubspot CRM package is completely free, offering a variety of free marketing sales and service tools. Email marketing was just added to their suite of free marketing tools in 2019. HubSpot’s marketing hub pricing calculator offers a precise estimate, giving you a quick quote based on your number of contacts, add-ons, and services.

On the contrary, Klaviyo offers flexibly-priced email marketing software consisting of emails, contacts, and email chat support. It has a pricing calculator on its website helping you understand costs, features and even the potential ROI investing in this platform.


Being leading providers, their scores and reviews have been nothing but impressive. Let us check statistics by FinancesOnline. Klaviyo with a user rating of 97%, holds an overall 9.4 score. Competitively, HubSpot scored 9.0 with a user rating of 99% while having a much bigger audience and more diverse services.

Email Marketing Software and More…?

Hubspot’s main advantage over its competitors is its universality and scope. It offers email marketing as just one component of its well-oiled marketing machine. Moreover, it has a user-friendly platform compared to other more complex marketing automation systems, and timely phone email and chat support improving your customer secrvices. Furthermore, HubSpot recently released a new drag and drop editor for emails and landing pages to facilitate non-developers in creating custom templates. Last but not least, it offers an array of education and support for its customers. It has a huge catalog of helpful resources to make sure you’re making the most out of this platform

Klaviyo is closer to a standalone email automation product. It has a special place in the e-commerce email marketing space because it started this. It includes features like email attribution reporting, micro-segmentation based on store activities, pre-built abandoned cart automation, and comprehensive integrations with e-commerce platforms. This platform offers more customized and built-out solutions, proving highly favorable for a less experienced company with a smaller user network only requiring email marketing software.

Flaws of Each:

HubSpot was criticized by some users for its yearly contract and steeper pricing with the growth of its contacts list. Customers have also struggled with their landing page and email template builder called design manager. Yet, HubSpot has introduced new and creative solutions to utilize for e-commerce marketing solutions.

Klaviyo doesn’t quite have a community forum or a phone-based customer service. It has left users complaining about the platform’s steeper learning curve and confusing features. Some even find pricing to be expensive.

Hence, both have their pros and cons. Only your needs can determine the right choice for you. Klaviyo can be your choice if just an email marketing software is your requirement, which seldom happens. On the other hand, HubSpot provides you with a very well-rounded experience allowing you to get the best of other technologies as well. HubSpot gives an overall boost to your company in terms of sales services and now email marketing too, So, why settle for one thing when you can have it all? To get your email marketing software, contact Databeys today.

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