Are you already enjoying the perks of Freshsales Classic or Freshsales Marketer? Does it seem like a Customer Relationship Management software that meets all your needs? A better software seems hard to come by? Well, we all know that nothing is impossible. So, we would like to introduce you to Freshsales Suite, a CRM software more efficient than all you’ve seen.

Freshsales Suite – An Introduction:

What is Freshsales Suite and what does it have to offer? Freshsales suite is a customizable and comprehensive solution for your customer relationship management with AI services, sales CRM, automated marketing, and more incorporated altogether. Since it is built on the next-generation customer engagement platform, it acts as a single source of truth and provides a 360° view of a customer by capturing and combining all of their marketing, sales, and service interactions in one place. Taking the place of both Freshsales Classic and Freshsales Marketer, a single platform of Freshsales Suite.

Migration Ease and Capacity:

It seems impressive, but the challenges that come with migration scare you? Well, we have good news for you. Freshsales Suite is offering a seamless transition between the two software. By raising a simple ticket on the portal, or writing to Freshworks, create a clone of your existing account and use it to switch to the new Freshsales Suite account.

Data and Records:
The migration includes all of your data, as well as the appointments, tasks, call logs, and all conversations present in your record.

Configuration and Features:

Moreover, the migration is not limited to data or the records, but also includes the configurations like records of LCAD, Workflows, Users, and their timeline activity. Hence, there will be no loss of features, and you can shift your Users to your new account.

Lead Data:

The most significant of all is lead data management and transfer. Manage your leads by converting them into contacts, accounts, and deals, based on your account’s lead conversion mapping. Once you have selected the destination and pipeline for your leads, the leads will be brought in accordingly. It is best to have a unique identifier when migration. Furthermore, all Sales Sequences, Workflow, Webforms, etc will also come along. However, Freshsales Suite uses ML-based contact scoring, Lead scores will not be valid.


Freshsales Suite supports many of the marketplace apps of Freshsales, but they will not migrate automatically. These will require manual installation by the customer once the migration is complete. Rebuilding custom apps for compatibility with Freshsales Suite is most appropriate.

Disruption-Free Migration:

It is guaranteed that there will be no service disruption while migrating. It is to facilitate you to continue working during the entire process. So, you can start your migration process without worrying about the loss in progress.

Migration Cost and Packages:

Freshworks has mapped out the migrated plan costs corresponding to your existing plans. If you update your newly-migrated Freshsales Suite account, only then the new pricing will be applied. If your account pricing exceeds that of the migrated plan, your account will be upgraded to the next tier at no additional cost.

Backup and Account Retention:

Still not sure? Account backup and retention might be just the thing you need to try Freshsales Suite. When cloning, your current Freshsales account will remain your production account until you switch to your new CRM account. On the other hand, the Freshsales Suite account will be in the trial state for 21 days after the migration. Make sure to switch within the trial time. It gives you plenty of time to make your Freshsales account business-ready while you continue working on your Freshsales account.

Given the exceptionally facilitated migration to Freshsales Suite, a single substitute of Freshsales Classic and Freshmarketer, it is only logical that you try this upgrade. Reach out to Databeys to have a seamless transaction of CRM and enjoy the best of Freshworks.

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