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How often do you stumble over your words during a cold call?  

Most of the times, we know. So why not plan the script. This can save from embarrassment and can help engage the prospects as well. Cold calls when executed in a proper manner are incredible in generating great leads. They are one of the most effective tools in B2B sales.  

It requires a strategy and detailed research for a cold call to work out well. To make the prospects book an appointment with you, your calls need to be well scripted. Knowing the pain point of the receivers and providing them with a solution is the key to crack maximum leads.  

Research shows that 69% of buyers accept cold calls from new providers, and 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who reach out to them. Thus, this proves the point that cold calls are an effective technique to boost sales.  

Now scripting multiple calls is somehow a hectic task for sales representatives. A feasible way is to design some templates and customize them accordingly. This could help save time and enable you to reach multiple prospects. 

1-Confirm that they’re free; the icebreaker stage 

Call your prospects to confirm if they could take out time for your call.  

“Hello, is this [prospect name] speaking?” 


“This is [your name], from [company’s name] reaching out. Is this a good time to talk?  

“Sure, go ahead” 

Continue talking, keeping the call perspective in mind.  

2-If they say ‘No’ 

If the prospect is busy at the time you called. Try and schedule another call according to their schedule. 

“No, it’s not a good time” 

“Oh, Alright, thank you for letting me know. Is there a better time to call you? 

“Yes, you can call me [time and date]” 

“Sure thing, I’ll catch up. Hope to see u soon” 

And don’t forget to call them on the decided time. 

3-Getting through Gatekeepers 

Sometimes the assistants or sectaries can be a hurdle. You need to get past them in order to reach your potential prospects. You have to be nice and play with the gatekeeper’s nature in order to get your call forwarded. The following sample script can be helpful: 

“Hello, I am [your name] from [your company’s name]. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I’m trying to reach out [prospects name]. Can you tell me if they are available?” 

At times the gatekeeper will forward the call immediately but if they ask you the motive of your call, you can answer: 

“I wanted to have a chat with [prospect’s name] about [your calling agenda]. I think our product/service could prove beneficial for [prospect’s company name]. If [prospect name] is free, I insist on having a conversation with him” 

The gatekeeper will either connect the call or confirm another slot to schedule your call. 

4-The Receptionist 

If there’s a receptionist in between you and your prospect, politely address them to connect the call. 

“Hello, this is [your name] from [company’s name] speaking. Can you please put me through to [prospect’s name] in the [prospect’s department]” 

“Hold on a second.” 

If the receptionist asks details, do briefly describe your agenda and the call would, hopefully, be connected. 

5-Familiarize Yourself 

Using a multichannel approach can help you turn a cold call into a warmer one and the prospect can change into a customer moving down your sales tunnel. As far as this scenario is concerned, let’s assume you have approached the prospect via email.  

“Hello [prospects name], its [your name] calling from [your company name]. I sent you an email last Wednesday, I’m hoping you’ve read it. 


I emailed you because I presume you are the in charge of sales and operations there. Am I correct? 


This would speed up the relationship building process as you already sent an email. 

6-Research Based 

“Hello [prospects name], its [your name] from [your company name]. I’ve been doing some research on [prospects company]. I found some points of conflict and I’m eager to learn more about them. That are [mention the points you find challenging]. At [your company name], we work with people like you to [add all the value points]. I think we can find some common ground to collaborate [mention similar pain points]” 

“Yes, tell me more” 

“That’s great you can book a detailed call with us or meet us in person, whatever that best suit you” 

Having a detailed analysis on a company shows the caller’s interest and builds up a positive image. When the prospect knows that the caller is being genuine, they’ll eventually listen. 

7-Show Availability 

Your availability matters. In some scenarios, the prospects are busy and often want you to call them according to their given time. This is when you can make an impression by being available on time. They will listen to you as well because they’ll probably be free and the time is according to their will as well. 

“Hello [prospects name], its [your name] speaking from [your company name]. I sent you an email this Monday, I expect you’ve read that. Hoping to talk to you about it if you have some spare time?” 

“My apologies, not this time.” 

“That’s okay. I insist to schedule a call at any time that you suggest? I’ll try to be helpful and brief.” 

“Sure. Call me [Date & Time]” 

“Thank you for your time. Talk to you soon” 

8-Leave a Voicemail 

Sometimes your calls even don’t get answered. But don’t worry, you have the option to leave a voicemail.  

“Hello, my name is [your name] with [your company name]. I called earlier because I possibly may have an idea on how you can strategize your marketing. [elaborate the cause of your call] 

You can call me back on this number. I have left you a text as well. Hoping to talk to you soon. 

Thank you [your name]” 

9-Hyper-personalized Opener 

Social media provides a good deal of information about your prospects and LinkedIn could be your best friend when it comes to Sales. Learning about your prospects can give you a leverage in conducting a successful call. You can build more familiarity by: 

  • •  I observed that you used to work at [previous company name], a friend of mine is there too. 
  • •  Your LinkedIn profile says that you’re working two jobs, how do you manage that side by side? 

Hope the prospects will open up and continue the conversation but if they’re being formal, you stick to your goal. 

10-Offer them a discount 

You can offer a discount to your potential prospects by giving them a call. This strategy mostly works well if you’re a services-based organization.  

“Hello [prospects name], its [your name] speaking from [your company name]. As you are also a user of [mention service], we’re here to provide you the same service with a better customer experience. Cherry on top, we’re also offering a discount.” 

“That’s good news, I want to know more” 

“By connecting with us you can [mention the details]” 

11-Give a Solution 

Some of the people are attracted more towards a solution that towards an offer. Asking open ended questions, knowing their problems and providing them with a solution is the main deal here.  

“Hello [prospects name], its [your name] from [your company name]. We are a company that provides services just like you [tell your services]. I’m calling to see if we could provide assistance [mention some common challenges]” 

“That’ll be helpful” 

If the prospect shows interest, explain them more regarding how you can provide a solution to their arising challenges. 

12-Detailed but to the Point 

Let’s consider the situation where the prospect is genuinely busy and asked you to call them back. You have discussed your reason to call them as well and now they’re interested in your offer. You have emailed the time and agenda of the next call as well. You should go as: 

“Hello [prospects name], I’m calling back as you wanted to discuss some details. I hope this is a good time. Did you get a chance to check my email? 


That’s great. As I have mentioned earlier, we [explain your services and mutual points]. Just to inform it is a five- minute call to ensure that we might be a good fit. Please answer the questions with complete honesty. I’ll be brief and understanding.  


13-Refferal from the Prospect’s Company 

In this situation you know someone from the prospect’s company and you’re engaging using them as a reference. 

“Hello, this is [your name] from [company’s name]. I had a word with [referral’s name and designation] and he explained [mention the challenges]. I’ll be quick in explaining my perspective on how we can collaborate and yield greater results.” 

14-Refferal from a Mutual Connection 

Considering this scenario, you and your potential prospect have a mutual connection. That can be a friend, distant family member, colleague or anyone you know. 

“Hello, this is [your name] from [company’s name]. I had a word with your friend/colleague [referral’s name] from [company name and designation]. I had to share some insights on the ways we could collaborate. Do you have a spare minute?” 

“Oh hello [your name], yes yes go on” 


15-Using a Trigger Event 

A triggering event could be a seminar or any work-related campaign you think might be the ice breaker. 

“Hello, this is [your name] from [company’s name]. I saw your post regarding the seminar on LinkedIn. Hoping that you have a few minutes at hand, I would like to talk to you about it.” 

“Sure, go on” 

“I had in a few points in mind starting with [mention some value-added points]” 

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