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Social Media has evolved a lot over time. Without a doubt, it is one of the fastest ways to reach out to a larger number of people all at once. Do note, social media marketing is not that simple but the Social CRM has made it a lot easier. It requires a decent amount of time, great expertise, and thoughtful strategies to gain the audience you want. But once you excel at it, it is fruitful.  

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the subdomains of digital marketing. It is the use of social media – the platforms on which people build connections (social networks) and share information – to reach out to a larger audience for building and promote brand image, increasing total sales, and drive traffic toward the company’s website. 

Social media is an extensive network of over 3.5 billion users that are fond of creating, sharing, and looking for information. Being a digital marketer, you should think of how you can leverage social media and increase your sales. 

Social Media Marketing in Action 

Each person on social media is a customer in one way or another. We run to browse social media whenever we want to learn about something or we see something new. Whether it is an online store, a new brand, a series, or even breaking news people tend to follow it up on social media using hashtags. Businesses tend to have a huge social media presence nowadays and they must have one.  

If you don’t have a good social media audience at present you will fail at making an impression. Social media is a great place to know about the interests of people and gain insights on what is “trending” (has a hype or is most talked about). This helps businesses to formulate a strategy to market themselves out in the open and gather the attention of the audience. This attention-grabbing further results in generating more sales.  

Moreover, social media platforms are the perfect launchpads for any organization if they plan to introduce anything new. They help set up hype and create a buzz for you, moreover, people are using social media as the only platform to market what they sell online. It has provided great opportunities and immense results with lower investment. A bit of effort is required and you are good to go! 

Introducing Social CRM 

Social CRM also known as social customer relationship management and customer engagement encouraged by interaction with prospects and customers through social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social CRM integrates the company’s social media platforms with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to provide insight into customer interactions and strategies to improve customer engagement. 

Social CRM enables the connection of the information stored on the company’s CRM system with social media platforms. This means that the organization can now keep track of its customer’s social media activity. This also assists you in tracking the conversations on social media platforms in the same way you would track any email or a call. As a result, you will be able to answer in a better and more efficient way and anticipate your customer’s needs.  

How is it different from Traditional CRM? 

Social brings a new element into the traditional CRM. In this scenario, we are not only dealing with information instead we are dealing with real-time conversations and relationships. These conversations and relationships not only take place between customers and organizations instead customer to customer conversations and relations are encouraged on social media as well. Social CRM consists of the following core features:  

  • • Customer Profile Analysis: A customer profile can be built by analyzing the customer’s social media profiles and activities. This makes you understand your target audience better. 
  • • Social Listening: Monitoring conversations within the industry and getting to know more is the key. Identify pain points, opinions, and reviews about your business and the products/services you offer. 
  • • Sentiment Analysis: Social media is where people share a lot and their sentiments are easy to figure out. This helps you to know more about how your audience feels about your products/services. 
  • • Social Selling: Building strong relationships with customers on social media helps to retain them for a longer time. 
  • • Social Media Management: Posting online content and keeping in touch with the norms on social media helps you build a stronger brand image. This boosts customer engagement and loyalty. 

What is the need to Implement a Social CRM? 

Social CRM results in increased levels of customer satisfaction by allowing you to learn more about your targeted audience. Social media platforms give you a chance to get more social as an organization. You get to know your prospects, their likes, and dislikes, their feelings, and things that bother them. In short, you get actionable insight into them and as a result, you start improving on the whole. This information benefits your sales team as they keep tabs on your customers. When your staff is up to date, they can face any challenge that arrives. 

Posting content is what social media is all about. Through the insights gained by social CRM, you learn what content holds importance and what intrigues interest among your audience. Moreover, gathering feedback is easier with social CRM. You can get to know about the reviews on your products/services more on social media as most people tend to share their likes and dislikes.  

Social CRM in a Nutshell 

For times like today, a good social media audience and a strong profile are assets. It makes your business recognized and builds up a stronger brand image. Social CRM assists you to track and manage customer contacts which, as a result, enables your sales teams to deliver great quality customer services.  

Implementing a CRM system requires experts, so try reaching out to CRM consultants that can assist you in this task. Databeys CRM Consultants, Dubai are great at doing their job. We will help you get your CRM System installed with perfection, just the way you want it to be.  

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