Software Integrations for your CRM


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was introduced to tend to a company’s customers, keep their records, and provide them with exceptional services. Since customers are the drivers of all businesses, they are pivotal to all the processes and departments of a business. You can get a good picture of your customers with a CRM system. An easy-to-use, customizable dashboard lets you see everything in one place. It can tell you about a client’s previous interactions with you, the status of their orders, any unresolved customer support issues, and more. Customer service teams are benefiting greatly from adopting CRM systems. Even though CRM has typically been employed as a tool for sales and marketing but now it is useful in more than one domain. A CRM platform gives sales, service, and marketing a single view of the customer and enables you to manage the inquiry across channels without losing track.

It is only adequate that all the software required by your company work in harmony with your CRM. Therefore, software integrations for your CRM have been introduced.

What is Software Integration?

As the business grows, teams increase in number as well. Executive teams would require multiple software solutions in order to make their management better. Organizations need to adopt an integration tool to synchronize their various data sources when integrating multiple software subsystems for business tasks. Top executives and managers will be able to exercise good data management and comprehend the full breadth of their company as a result. The facility to connect your CRM to external software that your company uses comes under the umbrella of software integration. It helps incorporate the functions of the external software into the basic functionality of the CRM, extending its usage and providing you with unlimited benefits. Be it sending emails, making calls, keeping records, gathering leads, drafting contracts, scheduling meetings, or making transactions, all concern your customers. It is only logical to have collaboration between your prime customer handling software, i.e., your CRM, and the applications your company uses. Software Integration is just what you need to make this happen.

Why do you need Software Integration?

Software integration strengthens your CRM, supplies better service to your customers, reduces your employees’ workload, improves your efficiency and makes your system more effective and reliable. It allows you to work fluently without having to switch between screens and applications to access information. Furthermore, it streamlines all your platforms and data to every employee and department so that they have well-rounded access to customers’ information. It makes customer data available to everyone on the team and helps them access it whenever they need. It abolishes information silos present between different platforms of your company thus providing all of your department’s access to a single wholesome source of customer interactions and records. Every update in regard to any department is seamlessly communicated to all. It enables your company to better adapt according to the changed circumstances. It is crucial for effective customer conversion and retention.

Important Software Integrations for Your CRM?

Though every company has its unique software requirements given the nature of its products, services, and working. But some universal software integrations are as follows:

Email Platform Integration:

Emails are the most common and widely used mode of communication used among businesses. CRM helps automate a lot of your emails and related processes. With access to customer data, you get all their email addresses and their stage in the customer journey. It then schedules and triggers the sending of targeted emails. Moreover, it enables the sending of bulk emails to all present and potential customers in CRM with just one click. Be it Gmail or Outlook, integrate them with your CRM right now.

Calling System Integration

Nobody wants to call every client manually. Automated calls are what saves the employees from making repetitive calls. Calling system integration enables call tracking and recording. It automatically registers customer details, history, complaints, and services on a single platform. The CRM automatically extracts related information as soon as your agent attends a call and saves it all. It eliminates the need to switch screens to access data. Additionally, it saves the agent from the manual labor of adding contacts and updating the details. Air call when integrated will make it all possible for you.

Calendar Integration:

It synchronizes your calendar and tracks all the updates in your schedule. With its automatic reminders regarding your commitments, you are sure to keep in regular contact with your customers and not miss out on any opportunity. Create tasks and events with ease to achieve your goals. Be it Gmail or Outlook Calendars, or Calendly, calendar integration has never been easier.

Proposal Software Tool Integration:

With the integration of a document or proposal software, design, negotiate, sign and record your deals as per your customer without any hassle. This syncs your customer or client data from CRM, to help you form a more beneficial and well-rounded proposal and eventually a contract. DocuSign may prove to be the very software that when integrated with your CRM, helps you secure desirable contracts and proposals.

Accounts Platform Integration:

Finally, the CRM integration with the account’s platform is significant for the management of your finances, accounts, cash flow, and more. Especially for online purchases of your products, it synchronizes the stock, purchasers, orders, complaints, and customers automatically. Online or on-site payments, invoices, sales quotes, and expense claims, all are dealt with the same. Integration with QuickBooks or Stripe, as per your needs is something you can’t ignore.

These are just some basic must-have integrations. There is a world of integrations out there, waiting to be explored. Contact Databeys, expert CRM consultants in Dubai to help you get what is best for your business. We will figure out top-notch integrations that are useful for you and get them designed for you in an affordable pricing plan. With the possibility of hundreds of software integrations for your CRM, we are here to get yours customized according to your needs.

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