The Best CRM for Real Estate

The Best CRM for Real Estate
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
May 25, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems are now an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. Managing your business can be a good load of work and will always require some expertise. Here is where CRM comes in!A CRM system is a software application that helps businesses to manage their customer relationships along with streamlining their business processes as a whole. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support processes. A sound CRM system is essential for your success. It helps you keep track of all your leads and contacts in one place along with allowing you to follow up with potential clients more efficiently and close a more significant number of leads. Considering real estate, CRM systems can be crucial for people like Real Estate investors. It helps them keep track of all their contacts, including leads, clients, and past clients. The system can be used to store important details like contact intel, budget, and property preferences. By utilizing this information, real estate agents can provide a touch of personalized service to their clients. Follow-up tasks like sending emails, setting up reminders, scheduling appointments and sending updates on new listings. This enables real estate agents to stay at the top of their clients and boost their property business.Due to the wide variety of CRM systems available, it is challenging to find the best CRM for real estate investors. This blog post will help you figure out an optimal real estate investor CRM software and how to further customize it according to your requirements. Point of notice: CRM platforms that offer a wide variety of features, integrate well, and are flexible and customizable are regarded as the best CRM for real estate investors.

Why do you need a CRM in Real Estate?

In the real estate industry, consistent follow-up on clients holds importance. Without this, you will eventually let deals slide by unnoticed. Situations with sellers change every now and then. This means that if the seller was not interested in selling would now be motivated enough to sell you directly. Due to this reason, you should follow up on leads quite often. Every business reaches a point where tasks cannot be managed manually. Regarding real estate, no matter how well you remember and keep track of the conversations with your clients, a time will come when the business grows too big. Eventually, you will need a CRM system in order to keep track of your leads and potential prospects. As far as my opinion is concerned, it is better to build these systems and grow into them instead of setting them up later when you start to lose deals. A good CRM for real estate investors will give reminders along with keeping track of automated follow-ups. It will store all the conversations and help you remember them as well. A CRM system also records all the progress alongside. It can be tailored according to the needs of real estate professionals. A real estate sales process can run smoothly via a CRM by managing incoming requests, looking into the sales funnel, and generating price quotations. A CRM system will thus help you handle the end-to-end process of selling or leasing a property. CRM further helps you offer buyers and sellers more personalized service. Like any other CRM, real estate CRM can help you organize your data effectively to support various sales and marketing challenges. Features like contact and property monitoring, transaction management, and marketing automation are included. Some firms even have their tools specifically designed to serve the property market. Additionally, some CRMS has integrations with popular websites and software, making it easier to keep data in one place.

Different Types of CRM

When looking for a CRM system for your real estate business, you might be thinking of the types of CRM and which one would suit you best. There are three main types named as collaborative, analytical, and operational. These are elaborated as follows:

  • • Collaborative CRM

A collaborative CRM facilitates communication between the business and its clients. Its primary purpose is to help various teams, including sales, marketing, and customer support, to collaborate with each other. It helps improve customer experience, streamlining multiple business processes and enhancing customer support. Moreover, collaborative CRM helps remove data silos enabling easy access to data across teams.In the case of real estate, collaborative CRM assists the teams working with brokers, contractors, or agents. It integrates all the departments, saving customers from repeating themselves every time they talk to a new contact. Thus, the team-based designing of collaborative CRM makes it easy to work for cross-functional teams and client-based businesses.

  • • Analytical CRM

The primary focus of analytical platforms is to help analyze customer data. It comprises a mixture of digital tools and platforms that allow you collect data and gain important customer insights. The analytic CRM emphasizes capturing, storing, and analyzing customer data that, in return, help you to assess the effectiveness of sales, marketing, and customer service efforts so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Additionally, analytical CRM may generate reports on sales performance and customer satisfaction levels, enabling you to capitalize on the advantages of high-performing team members and identify opportunities for staff growth.In the real estate scenario, Analytic CRM is focused on data analysis and understanding customer trends, enabling real estate sellers to measure the success of their marketing efforts.

  • • Operational CRM

Operational CRMs generally streamline customer relationships and processes like sales and marketing. Operational CRM is a customer-centric approach to managing customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. It involves using various tools and technologies to manage contacts, sales, marketing, and customer service activities. These tools help organizations streamline their processes and improve their overall efficiency in managing customer relationships.Operational CRM basically provides automation features. Sales automation, marketing automation, and service automation help offload some work that the employees must do manually. This, as a result, opens their schedule, giving them a more creative space to work in. In the case of real estate, operational CRM features help to stay organized, efficient, and punctual in meetings. It helps manage tasks, appointments, and client interactions.After learning about the types, the question arises what CRM is best for real estate investors? Well, the answer to this question is that it highly depends on your required needs, goals, and investment.

Real Estate Investor CRM Software Options

There are multiple CRM for real estate investors, but we have listed some top ones for you below:

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM platforms offering both free and paid versions. It comprises the five Hubs that basically cover everything ranging from marketing to sales and from capturing leads to closing deals.The paid version includes various features like contact management, email marketing automation, lead tracking, etc., along with offering easy integrations with popular real estate websites. Real estate investors must deal with multiple clients throughout the day, including vendors, employees, and others. Thus, the need for a CRM system arises here. You will definitely need a CRM system with all the integrations necessary for managing data and keeping track of your interactions. The Sales Hub helps track and store lead interaction information, identify sales opportunities, and close more impactful deals. Moreover, HubSpot grants you access to comprehensive tools for customer service allowing you to provide valuable and effective customer interactions. You can save time and money by automating manual tasks like updating contact information and scheduling emails for property viewings with the help of HubSpot's data sync technology.

Keap CRM

Keap CRM is one of the best software offering real estate CRM features like lead capture, contact management, email marketing, and e-commerce. It stands among the best CRM for real estate investors because of its diverse features. Keep is an excellent product for investors with the most comprehensive features. It enables lead capturing through social media platforms and allows you to follow the lead from there. Not only this, but it also offers automated email marketing that helps follow up on those hot leads before they get cold. Keep further offers and integrates them with your website and social media so you can easily capture leads and follow up on them using automated email marketing. You can likewise utilize it to deal with your contacts, track your deal, and mechanize your marketing tactics. With automatic lead capture, no lead will slip through the cracks.

Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a CRM platform designed for sales. Lead management, contact management, deal tracking, and sales automation are some of its significant features that further help out the sales team in generating more leads. Pipedrive is well known for its specialty of integrating well and adaptability to customize workflow procedures according to your business. It offers a visual drag-and-drop sales pipeline that makes it easy for you to observe deals and identify where each deal is and when it will close. Pipedrive makes it easier to track calls and email history, which means that you can integrate your calling software and your email software. Lastly, it offers a mobile application that helps you access and go through your account and analyze data anywhere you like. Along with that, Pipedrive is the most secure and easy to handle, along with providing complete safety to its users.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the most well-known CRM in the market. It also serves as a great choice for real estate investors. It offers features that include contact management, lead capture, deal tracking, and sales automation. Salesforce is amazingly flexible and completely scalable, which allows you to customize it according to your needs. Salesforce's automation is its specialty, enabling you to speed up all the processes and close more deals. Connected with the platform's marketing feature, you can undoubtedly uncover potential leads. For a real estate investor, Salesforce has multiple integrations with real estate software, platforms, and websites, offering you a seamless workflow structure that is completely customized according to you. Moreover, it is entirely cloud-based, meaning that you don't need to install anything extra on your system. Salesforce offers a free trial version as well. It is better to try before making a commitment.

What to Look for in a CRM for Real Estate Investors?

Now we know about the top CRM products available in the market, the next thing we need to look for is the basic features we require as real estate investors. Some most important ones are listed below:


Integrations are critical when you want your CRM to work seamlessly with your workflows. You need to make sure that your CRM integrates easily with any software you are using. As real estate investors, email marketing, contact management, marketing automation, and lead capturing are some aspects, you want to focus on in your CRM.


Automation helps speed up processes resulting in closing more deals. This merging with the marketing features will mean that you will gather more accurate analytics and capture more potential leads.

Ease of use

How easy a platform is to use determines if you actually want to use it or not. People will only opt for it if it is simple enough to use and even harder to learn, whereas a platform offering user-friendly features will be the majority's choice. So, looking for an easy-to-use CRM is always a plus.

Go for the Best CRM for Real Estate Investors

The most optimal CRM for real estate will help streamline all your processes and help you excel in real estate without facing any difficulties. Thus, it is better to choose a CRM that is economical yet serves all your essential business requirements. As an investor, it is advisable to select the option with the maximum yield. Databeys CRM consultants assist you in finding the optimal CRM solution for you. We provide implementation services worldwide, making sure that we help people in the best way we can. Connect with us today to solve all your CRM difficulties.

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