What is Customer Churn and How is it prevented by CRM Software


Are you worried your business isn’t growing the way you intend it to? Does your revenue keep dropping despite all the investments you’re making? The reason is obvious, you’re facing customer churn. Undoubtedly, This is a serious problem and might start the downfall of a business. Churning is the percentage of customer that have stopped using your services within a certain period of time. Obviously, your focus should be on keeping this percentage at 0%! How can you do that? With CRM software!

Some common reasons for customer churn are as follows:

Bad Customer Service:

This includes irrelevant answers, inexperienced customer representatives, open tickets and lack of understanding. Keeping customers waiting too long for no reason can ultimately increase the customers churn out. They wait and as a result they receive no customer service. Sometimes asking the same kind of information again and again is another cause of bad customer service. It can damage customer relationships, as well as make your customer leave.

Customer expectations aren’t met:

Customer might be feeling like the quality of service you’re providing is not what you promised on your website. In addition to that, your customer service might not be what they need. When your brand is suddenly overpriced that you never expect but it started happening all of a sudden. Furthermore, the rude and bad behaviors of the employees towards their customers that they never expect will automatically lead to churn out of the customers.

Irregular Communication:

There isn’t a clear communication structure, meaning you’re not reaching out to customer regularly. Delays in communication might cause deadlines to be missed. For instance, promises that your sales staff has made to your customers may not come true because of poor communication between the supporting departments. Poor communication between the various sections of an organization frequently has an impact on both the organization and its customers. Secondly, you might not be considering the communication needs. This will make you lose customer faster than ever.

Continuous Increase in Prices:

Customers may be dissatisfied with the pricing of a good or service. Even though a product is expensive and offers a lot of value, customers may still feel overwhelmed and turned off by it. Customers typically dislike brands behavior when prices are constantly changing because brands lose customers and their customer retention rate falls as a result. The best course of action for dealing with consumers who are unhappy with your pricing is to thank them for their criticism, acknowledge that you respect their investment, and then state your value proposition, which justifies your price point.

Quality Compromised:

If your business produces high-quality products, customers will stick with it and develop a strong sense of loyalty, even when it becomes difficult for them to change their minds. However, if your brand offers one of your loyal customers a subpar product, he will never compromise on it and will never return with positive feedback. The quality of the brands should not be compromised in order to increase consumer retention

So, how do you fix this? The answer is obviously CRM! This is the golden pill that will no doubt help your business get more customer, gain their loyalty and retain them for a long period of time.

How can CRM Software help?

Here is how customer relationship management systems help business increase their customer retention rates:

The quality of the brands should not be compromised in order to increase consumer retention.

Standardized Customer Journey:

CRM software ensures that each lead entering your sales pipeline gets the same customer experience. Moreover, it can provide you with tools like automatic lead capture, standardize data entry, and automate specific steps of the customer experience. This ensures that you are not missing out on any important information. When you know all the important information about your customer, like their browsing history, what are they looking for and what will catch their attention, you can launch more effective marketing campaigns.

Reduced Product Friction:

In order for users to buy your product more, they need to understand it better. CRM software provides on boarding automatons. Moreover, it creates personalized email messages to each lead. These emails are carefully crafted, keeping in view the interests of the leads. Customer prefer personalized messages and emails that address their name. This also includes sending targeted emails, because not all customer want the same products!

Improved Customer Service:

customer service is the key to satisfied customer. Having timely access to all customer data, their past suggestions and complaints helps decide the best way to deal with customer. CRM software provides excellent customer service. It tracks where a customer came from, and what are their interests. Not only is it effective, but also safe. Upgrading data is much easier when the customer has consented to it! Since the CRM system gathers data from numerous sources, such as phone calls, online chats, and social media, it provides a comprehensive picture that enables you to understand the needs of customer and what they think of the proposed products and services. In this manner, you will be able to determine whether it is necessary to alter the goods and services provided.

Closed more Deals:

Using the CRM system will make it easier to accurately and rapidly identify the leads. The simplest method to tailor pitches is to categories leads. Creating a classification-based sales proposal helps increase leads and speed up response times. Additionally, it helps in identifying quality and responding to leads. The sales team may focus on possible leads and manage their time more effectively in this way. Remember that finding potential leads can lead to lucrative contracts and greater income. As a result, the sales team’s effectiveness is raised.

Boost up the Performance:

The CRM system is used by call centers to help their clients make the best decisions by providing them with greater information. The dashboard gives you a real-time overview of how your business is doing, which should make it easier for you to assess its performance. Based on the outcomes, you can modify your strategy.

The business should consider putting in place a management strategy that will make it customer-focused in order to develop solid customer relationships. This strategy consists of three components: processes, people, and technology. Technology is crucial for obtaining customer data that is necessary to understand how to handle them. It can be expected that a corporation can bring in new customers and retain existing ones if a reliable third party is hired to provide the service. It assures customer satisfaction, to put it briefly.

Customer Relationship Management are essential if you want to keep customers and improve user experience. Whether you run a small business or a huge corporation, Databeys CRM services can help you expand your company more successful. To solve your current and future difficulties, get in touch with CRM Services in Dubai!

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