WhatsApp & HubSpot Integration - Forming customer relationships based on convenience

WhatsApp & HubSpot Integration - Forming customer relationships based on convenience
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
February 20, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Azka Waqas

Customers are the most important Stakeholders for every firm. They are the core persons that help flourish a business. Due to their significance, taking care of customer’s ease and their preferences is essential. Every firm tends to capture a large consumer market by providing as many facilities as they can in order to retain their customers. An effective means of communication is one of these.

Integrating WhatsApp and HubSpot

WhatsApp is the most commonly used application for communication. Due to its convenient user-friendly interface, on-the-go accessibility, and massive user base i.e., two billion unique users, it has gained monopoly in communication platforms.

Whereas, HubSpot is a CRM platform with multiple features that incorporate all the valuable information and connect these features to form a customer base that helps companies deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

The HubSpot-WhatsApp integration allows the users to channel WhatsApp conversations into HubSpot. It enables the user to have a one-on-one conversation with the CRM contacts along with recording it and allows advanced automations whenever a keyword is mentioned in the WhatsApp message.

‘Effective communication is the key to a good relationship’

The above quote fits perfectly in the CRM scenario as well because maintaining and nurturing cordial relations with the targeted consumer base is the principal focus of CRM. Alongside communication, everyone wants to feel special as well.

Considering the aspects of consumer behavior, the customers expect and demand to be dealt as VIPs by the business. This presents an opportunity for the business to develop long-term customer relationships and profit from them just by establishing effective communication.

Here is where the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration comes in handy. It benefits the user in the following ways:

● It enables the user to manage and record all the conversations through a shared inbox along with accessing all the HubSpot contacts with ease

● It helps target customers and capture leads through automated messages. This further keeps them engaged and informed regarding the updates.

● The HubSpot-WhatsApp integration acts as a time saver too. It facilitates the user to perform common HubSpot tasks from the WhatsApp user interface saving time and increasing productivity.

● WhatsApp is a user-friendly interface that makes it much convenient for customers to communicate and streamline tasks through it.

● The firms do not have to train their team for using this tool as everyone is familiar with WhatsApp thus increasing the response rate.

● Last but not the least, it enables users to save important messages as notes and facilitates the customers on their most accessible channel.

Summing the points above it is stated that this service provides workflow automations on HubSpot via WhatsApp Business API.

From the business perspective

Most of the companies manage their clientele by using multiple CRM tools. Managing leads and conversations across various different channels results in difficulties and poor customer experiences. Another common concept is that businesses take a good amount of time before getting back at their customers. As a result, most consumers either switch to better alternatives or lose interest in the service entirely.

A chatbot that helps reaching out to the customers timely is the key that unlocks the doors to building long-lasting customer relationships by providing them the response they expect. The HubSpot-WhatsApp integration is a new feature and that special ‘key’ which helps businesses build a strong relation with their clients and customers.

If you are the organization that wants to ace at relations with your consumer pool, then expert CRM consultants at Databeys will help you attain your desired customer base, built on the foundation of effective communication. Top-notch CRM specialists will be at your assistance providing you with the tips and tricks required to build long lasting customer relationships.

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