Sales & Marketing ROI Calculator

Determine the potential return on investment (ROI) of your marketing campaigns and the effectiveness of your sales efforts

ROI Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ROI Calculator?

ROI Calculator is an investment calculator that provides data backed metrics which will help prospects and customers to see the ROI they could experience if they acquire consultancy services from Databeys. 

How is the customer data collected in order to be used in the Sales ROI Calculator?

Databeys collects data as customers visit our website pages and use our consultancy services. Website visitors that come and enter their data to calculate their Sales ROI are saved by the website. 

What does Databeys do with the data I enter in the Sales ROI Calculator?

We store your data that you enter in the ROI Calculator. We use this data to provide you results based on what best aligns to you (i.e., your industry or region) and presented in your currency. Everything that you enter in the calculator is saved in memory while you interact with our consultants. Furthermore, Databeys provides detailed ROI reports to its clients quarterly. 

What types of customer data are used in the ROI calculator?

The data utilized in the Sales ROI calculator falls into two categories:   

  • 1.Personal Data 
  • 2.Data on Usage 

Databeys collect Personal Data from customers when they submit web forms or interact with our websites. Additionally, we collect personal data about clients when users register for our consultancy services. 

Moreover, the website visitors/customers that use the ROI Calculator provide their statistics and relevant information to us. Databeys tends to store that information as well. 

Databeys use anonymization to delete or change personally identifiable information so that the data cannot be linked to any specific person to safeguard the privacy of the data belonging to our Databeys clients.

Am I guaranteed to see accurate results from this ROI calculator?

The results are based on the values you provide to the ROI Calculator. The accuracy of the results is based on the number of values you provide. The more accurate the values are, the more accuracy will be there in the results. Moreover, the results for individual businesses also depend on their markets, industry, geographic location, stage, and other factors. The calculator tends to provide the most realistic results.