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Pipedrive is a customer relationship organization software that provides visual pipelines as well as sales process automation.  It is best suited for sales professionals and teams looking for easy-to-use CRM software with visual sales pipeline tools.


Pipedrive Services Provider in Dubai- The #1 choice of Sales Professionals!

With Databeys, set up your personalized pipeline and get an action-ready model with a minimum AED budget. Through real-time reports of revenue potential, you can adjust and optimize your sales cycle!


Pipeline Visualization

Your entire pipeline is ready for your one glance. Customize it to match your sales cycle.

Lead Segmentation

Have better chances of closing deals by sorting, filtering and segmenting your leads.

Revenue Generation

Have better chances of closing deals by sorting, filtering and segmenting your leads.

Leave nothing to chance, get the science behind your sales with Pipedrive.

Track and prioritize your leads, spot opportunities and utilize them with Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline. Furthermore, get updated forecasts and perfect your sales cycle to bring in more business with this easy-to-use, best-value software


PipeDrive is beneficial for whom?

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If you manage a sales team, ‍ you know how important it is to have user-friendly CRM software with pipeline visualization features. That’s why Pipedrive is such a great option – it lets you design reporting dashboards visually, with drag-and-drop well-being. You can easily distill complex platform data down to make it simpler to comprehend and research.
If you are an SME looking for an email automation tool, you might want to consider Pipedrive in Dubai . It has an email inbox, customizable email templates, email tracking, and bulkemaill-sending functionalities. All these features can be extremely useful for managing emails and keeping track of correspondence, especially for businesses that rely heavily on email communications.
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Real estate agents can use Pipedrive’s in Dubai technology
to segment their leads into specialized mailing administrations. By dividing their leads into specialized groups, they can more accurately target their communications. This segmentation allows agents to focus their efforts on a specific audience, making it easier to convert leads into clients.

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Strategic packages of  Pipedrive in Dubai

Think Bigger, Go Global

Essential plan

The fundamental strategy for Pipedrive CRM software includes tools for managing associates, groups, transactions, visual pipelines, and meetings including tool settings, sales activities, and user interaction.

Advance plan‍

You can add on other features like product catalogs, two-way email sync, customizable emails and themes, email tracking, and customizable email signatures when you upgrade to the Advanced proposal.

Enterprise plan

In addition to the skills offered by the Advanced application, the Professional tier also offers bulk emailing, e-signatures in-app calling, company-wide document sharing, and unbranded documents.

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Select the Correct Platform

Each business is unique. Additionally, each CRM is unique. Databeys Consultant expert will be knowledgeable about a variety of available products and can assist you in selecting the ideal one for your unique business requirements.

Save money

Without the proper direction, you risk being stuck with a software suite that doesn’t meet your company’s needs, paying more for things you don’t require, or making crucial errors that expose your company to security risks.

Utilize Services Effectively

Many companies wind up paying for features they never utilize. Or they apply them improperly. As a certified partner, we will integrate your existing systems with your CRM and make sure you get the most out of the platform.

Encourage Your Team

Employee adoption is essential for the success of any new system. For your team to successfully enroll and use your new platform, your Databeys CRM consultant will have put in place training protocols.

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