WhatsApp Integration into CRM - Is it really “Worth It” for your Business?

WhatsApp Integration into CRM - Is it really “Worth It” for your Business?
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
January 27, 2023
Databeys CRM Consultant in Dubai
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Muhammad Hamza Saleem

Customer is “King”, which by default makes the most used channel of communication by customers - “a royal messenger”. For businesses to thrive in the contemporary AI-driven digitized world, the wish of the Customers a.k.a “The King'' is to be honored diligently. The royal messenger happens to be WhatsApp right now considering its convenient user-friendly interface, on-the-go accessibility, and massive user base i.e., two billion unique users and counting.

An Opportunity: Relevance of WhatsApp’s Integration with the Essence of CRM

Since the inception of CRM as a concept, its principal focus has been on maintaining and fostering cordial relations with the targeted customer base. And we certainly know that the key to any good relationship is “communication”. Not just any communication, but a value-maximizing personalized one. Generic messages through WhatsApp are more than likely to be ignored, as this medium functionally serves the purpose of personalized communication. The customer expects and demands special treatment by businesses. This presents an opportunity for businesses to utilize this medium as a Point of Contact with customers to build goodwill. Profiteering from it in the long run.

The old method is simply wrong!

With the prevalence of Direct-to-Consumer communication in the digital world, communication when done through conventional means even with WhatsApp will result in significant productivity loss. Responding to customers and leads one by one through conventional means will result in significant potential loss of revenue owing to low lead generation, low-quality sales conversions, and delayed grievance handling of customer complaints, which is bad broadcast. This bad broadcast is avoidable rather than it has the potential to be converted into good broadcast.

Digital times, Digital mediums – demand a Digital Solution!

The solution is simply just Integrate WhatsApp into the CRM. This integration solves the problem of productivity loss while simultaneously enabling personalized one-to-one communication between business and clients, that too in an orderly and organized fashion. Apart from this, some of the most important benefits of WhatsApp integration into CRM are as follows:

Streamlined WhatsApp Communication through CRM

WhatsApp Integration allows you to manage WhatsApp communications from within your CRM. Hence, this empowers you to directly generate new leads from WhatsApp to your CRM. So, you instantly get notifications for new incoming messages on your computer. This helps you to close potential customers by keeping track of the phase of the sales management process they are on.

Comprehensive Customer Profile Creation

As all the data is integrated from all the communication channels, WhatsApp chat also integrates into the CRM distinctly with all customer profiles. This enables access to information including purchase history, demographic information, product preferences, WhatsApp communication with clients, and much more. This makes your contact management process comprehensive, opening new selling and targeting opportunities for your business.

Seamless Complaints & Grievances Handling

CRM Integration with WhatsApp helps an organization in tackling customer complaints and queries with the help of a system. The system works through ticket generation right now when a complaint or an issue is raised by a customer. The ticket is raised until the issue is resolved. Once it is resolved, the ticket is terminated. This not only makes the process systematic, traceable, and streamlined; but also ensures that no complaint is left unresolved.

Keep your customers informed through Automated Messages

Customers now demand total transparency at every stage of the Order-Fulfillment Process. Through this integration, customers will be kept up to date with information regarding the order. Messages are automatically programmed to be sent to customers directly from the CRM. This keeps the customers well informed. Consequently, building up the reputation of the firm and improving Customer Satisfaction.

Is WhatsApp’s Integration into CRM worth it?

In the contemporary world, Technology and Customer preferences are changing at an unprecedented pace. This calls for businesses to adapt to change at the same pace as it is happening. The integration of WhatsApp with CRM has presented itself as an opportunity and a solution to the old predicament of ineffective generic mass communication with customers. This integration is all worth it. It opens a whole frontier of possibilities for many business facets and functionalities as stated earlier.

This integration allows businesses to use one of the most powerful communication platforms with an enormous user base to its full potential, whether it is about assistance in the sales management process or customer grievance handling. This integration allows you to do all that just in a well-optimized, personalized & cost-effective way.

If you aspire to be the kind of organization that evolves at the same pace as the world, then CRM implementation consultants at Databeys can help you bridge that gap. Top-notch CRM experts will assist you in determining the Best CRM implementation and will assist you in WhatsApp’s Integration into it. we will take care of all the technicalities, while you focus on what you do best!

This Integration is a necessity, not a choice!

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